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5 Reasons your Emails Get Rejected

Any business is considered successful when it learns from mistakes and makes a successful marketing plan. Sometimes in email marketing our marketing strategy fails and emails starts rejected. Let’s see there are many reasons of email rejection but we focus on main reason of email rejection.

There’s nothing worse than waking up, checking your email, and find that annoying email from last night – trying to get back into your inbox for a second round. In case you’re striking out in your email marketing campaigns, you must change your pitch. Here are six reasons that marketing Emails get rejected.


Your subject lines made a bad first impression

Your recipient’s experience with your email starts before it’s at any point opened – with the headline. A great deal is riding on these 50 characters or less. Some exemplary title “don’ts” incorporate exhausting copy, ALL CAPS, unreasonable exclamation points, and – obviously – misleading messages. The title “Cautioning” or “Re:” may acquire you opens, however it won’t gain you, clients.

You bored them to death

Are your emails dry, long, and additionally tedious? Imagine that the recipient is searching for her shoes, her dog is barking to be let out, and she’s late for a meeting. She doesn’t have a year to spend translating and breaking down your language. This is your shot. Try not to waste it.

You forgot to test your display

You wouldn’t show up to a date in a stained shirt, or with tissue adhered to your shoe – which is the reason you look at your appearance before you arrive. Email is comparable. Try not to appear in your client’s inbox without testing your show.

What to do: Before you convey an email, test it on all email customers – and keep in mind versatile.

You advertised a bigger, better, or cheaper version of yourself

Don’t exaggerate your height in your online dating profile, and don’t make false promises in your emails. Are you a car dealership? Splendid – I’m in the market for a car! But don’t claim your deals are “once in a lifetime” if you’ll be holding the exact same sale next weekend.

if you highlight qualities you don’t really have, your customer will eventually find out.

Mail account used by spam server

Many Parents and student s are finding out that their email account has been compromised in the past and used by a spam server to relay spam messages to other people. When that happens their email account ends up blocked.

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Top Free Email Marketing Blogs

Email marketing is the most important marketing strategy of digital marketing, converting a lot of people into customers by sending mail, and can also turn a one time buyer into a permanent buyer.

Use Email Marketing Services to grow your business by creating a great email marketing plan and run an email marketing campaign. Engage customer by sending latest updates, offers or promotion coupons via email.

Today in this article, we will talk about the best email marketing blog. You can read email marketing blog from these website and get daily updates and information about what is happening in the world of email marketing.

Lets Start!

email marketing blogs

Top Best Email Marketing Blogs

1. Mailcot

MailCot is #1 Best Email Marketing Agency. Mailcot established in the year 2012 with the aim of providing a professional Best Email Marketing Agency in India. Since then, the Agency has developed into an established and well-known Best Email Marketing Agency in 8 years with customers around the world. Some major countries where we currently offer our email marketing services are North America (USA), AustraliaUKSingaporeCanadaUnited Arab Emirates, and India.

  • Honestly and fairly done Email Marketing with Mailcot Email Marketing Services.
  • Best Email Marketing Software in India.
  • Send ‘n’ numbers of Transactional Email.
  • Mailcot have world class and reliable Cloud-based Promotional SMTP Server.
  • Provide a tool which helps to monitor a email campaign result.

Read Mailcot’s blog, everyday it post knowledgeable blogs related to email marketing


Blogs: Resources/Latest Insights

Email Marketing Blogs

2. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is Email Marketing Software, provide a email marketing to organization for growing their business. Popular Email Marketing Services provider and also maintain blogs. Always post blogs related to email marketing tips, tech, rules, trends, working policy.

Blog Direction: Blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is counted among the most popular email marketing service provider company. Mailchimp provides email marketing services to all types of businesses, small or large scale business.

If you want to get good information about the field of email marketing, it is only through Mailchimp’s blog that you can get better information. Mailchimp is always posting software updates and news along with its culture. You always get useful information in Mailchimp’s blogs.

Blogs Direction: Resources/Blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

4. Mailbakery

Mailbakery is famous for coding email templates and newsletter designing. Mailbakery’s blog whole concentration on Email Marketing. Many ways of email marketing blogs will be found in Mailbakery, different-different email marketing topics, guides an tutorials on email marketing.

Blogs Direction: Blogs

Email Marketing Services

5. Marketo

Marketo is popular in Email Marketing Automation including lead generation, mobile marketing, consumer marketing and many more. It maintains the blogs well, which is very helpful in marketing strategy

It write a blog more in email marketing automation filed where it include mobile marketing, custom marketing, customer marketing and many more in the field of email marketing automaton.

Blog Direction: Resources/Marketo Blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

6. MailJet

“Everything Email, Every Week”

MailJet provides different types of marketing solutions, such as email marketing automation, SMS marketing automation and provide other email tools to the organization which help teams to manage and control email campaigns. It also manage blogs related to a Email Marketing and post blogs on regular basis.

In MailJet blogs we find helpful tutorials and guide blogs in the filed of email marketing and also find useful blogs on A/B testing and email tracking blogs.

Blogs Direction: Resources/blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is a very well known platform, it also provides a lot of marketing solutions to the business. HubSpot’s blog are very popular, its blogs known as a brand blog. HubSpot has made a name in the world of marketing and is a source of reliable information.

Blog Direction: Resources/blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

8. Litmus

Litmus is known for email testing on different devices and screens. It is also capable of providing better services. Litmus’s blogs are of good content and you can read blogs everyday. Get great tips and resources related to email marketing, include information about conference, webinar, events and product updates, offers and much more knowledgeable content.

Blog Direction: Resources/Blog

Email Marketing Blogs

9. Sendinblue

Sendinblue also provides a lot of email send services such as email marketing automation campaigns, promotional emails, transactional mail and also provides a tool to monitor a email marketing result.

Sendinblue also maintain a blog section, there blog writing skill is commendable. Post a blog on a daily basis and blogs related to a tips and advice of email marketing, digital marketing strategy, GDPR, transactional email, SMTP server, promotional mail and many more.

Blog Direction: Resources/Blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

10. Sendgrid

Sendgrid is very famous in providing email marketing services. It offers a suite of tools to use to create attractive email campaigns also include email automation, signup forms, email testing, email design, email templates or email design and also provide Email API’s

Sendgrid’s blogs are also very useful, they also provide the latest updates about email marketing. We keep getting a lot of technical updates from Sendgrid’s blog. Must follow sendgrid’s blog and always stay in touch with email marketing information.

Blog Direction: Resources/Blog

Email Marketing Blogs


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Why Gmail is not Best Suitable for Mass mailing ?

As you know Gmail is perfect for sending mail to someone, but when we have to send email to many people then. In this blog, we will see how we can do mass mailing from Gmail and why Gmail is not right for mass mailing.

Bulk Mail itself is called mass mailing. Due to bulk mail, we can send promotional mail (email marketing campaign) for our business to our customers, subscribers, or users in bulk. So that we can achieve our goal like promoting a product or giving any information.

Managing mass mailing with any email software is called email marketing service software like Mailcot.

Actually, if you are trying to cut costs, then you can consider using Gmail mass email.

Can we run a large mailing campaign using Gmail?

If we look technically, yes, we can do mass mail through Gmail. Although Gmail was not built for this and you should be aware of its limitations

Now let’s look at three things

How we did Mass Mailing with Gmail?

Here we will learn from steps that mass mailing can be done from Gmail

  • Step1: Open New Google Docs, and start writing an email.
  • Step2: Open Google Spreadsheet.
  • Step3: Then clicks on Add-ons and then Gets add-ons.mass mailing
  • Step4: Search it Yet Another Mail Merge(YAMM) and download it for free.

mass mailing

  • Step5: Come back to the spreadsheet and click on Add-on > Yet Another Mail Merge > Start Email Merge.
  • Step6: You can either import your contacts or you can also manually write email addresses.
  • Step7: Get out the names of all the senders and choose your email draft.
  • Step8: Send Mails to all sender.

If you do not understand the steps well, then you can understand it better by watching the video.

Why Gmail is not best suitable for Mass Mailing?

Gmail is perfect for sending mail to anyone, but when we talk that we have to send mail to 1000 more people, Gmail is not the most suitable. If you want to grow your business through email marketing, then ignore the use of Gmail. By using Gmail, you will be able to save some money, but then you will have to face all these problems like,

1.Can not send more than 500 emails in a day

There is a limit for sending and receiving mail from Gmail and this limit is 500 emails that can be sent and received in a day. If you want to send more than 500 emails, you have to wait for another day. And if your business is a large scale and you have run a lot of mail campaigns, then 500 mails will not be enough for your business. Gmail is not convenient when the sender list has more than 500 sender addresses.

2.Trouble while mass mailing with Gmail

When we do mass mailing, Gmail has some strict instructions. When our mail is marked as spam or the email address to which we are sending mail is not correct, Gmail temporarily suspends our account. Email is designed so that it can be used for personal work, if it is used for mass mailing, it is quickly marked as suspicious.

3. Limitation In Designing Emails

Attracting readers and making call-to-action a success with text-based mail is a bit tricky with Gmail. If you want to design mail with graphics, 3D images, or any video while doing Gmail mass mailing, then you have to take the help of the Google Chrome extension.

Email marketing campaigns have developed well in terms of mail design. Plain text-based mail is not able to attract the attention of any viewer.

If you want to achieve your email marketing goals then you must use a good email marketing service.

Why use a Services of Mailcot for Email Marketing

Gmail has its own limitations and we have to stay within the same limits while doing email marketing or mass mailing. If you have a very large amount of sender address for sending mass mail, then you should take a more beneficial plan for email marketing service like Mailcot.

You can test up to 500 emails from Melkot for free so that you can get acquainted with our service and build a trustworthy relationship.

Now you may be thinking how can you trust us, then there are some reasons, which we are going to put before you, which might be the beginning of a good trusting relationship.

1.Sending Mail

Sending mail means that the mail should go to the primary folder, not to the spam folder. If you have a new subscriber, Mailcot offers you a double opt-in service, so that you include the correct mail address in your sender mail list.

Mailcot has a very robust authentication process that can keep spammers out and protect the sender’s reputation of their shared IP addresses.

2. No Limits

Unlike Gmail, you can send 500 emails a day, you can send as many emails as you want. It is all based on your plan, which plan has been activated.

Our shortest plan gives you 10,000 emails a day, but as your business grows, you can switch to another plan.

If there are 400 people in the sender list, you can do mass mailing without any hassle through Gmail. If there are more than 500 people on the list, we would say that with Mailcot, you can seek the attention of your customers and always keep in touch with them.

3. Analytics of Performance

Mailcot also offers an analytics service, you can track the performance of an email marketing campaign that is currently running with the help of analytics.

With analytics, you can find out how many people opened the mail, how many people clicked on the call-to-action button, how many people didn’t open the mail, how many people marked it as spam, how many people Unsubscribe, how many people read the mail and are attracted to buy the product or enjoy the service, each and everything you can track easily.

4. Create Amazing Designs of Emails

As soon as MAilcot’s service is activated, you can grab your customer’s attention by designing great emails. When designing mail, you can put 3D7D photos in mail, videos, action buttons, take any font so that your customers are attracted again and again. mass mailingThis greatly affects your sales and enables you to form a trustworthy relationship with the customer.

If you want to run your Email Marketing Automation Campaign and grow your small business gradually. You may Check Mailcot and Migomail


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User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content

You know how you can win the trust of people about your brand. Certain people know that user-generated content plays a huge role in business or in email marketing campaigns. If we look at 86 percent of people who believe in a brand only after listening to other people. It is very important to have brand awareness in today’s world.

    • When more people talk about when you’re not in the room, it’s a good sign for your business because it means that their customer experience with your product has been very memorable and they’ve shared their experience with people.
    • Feel Authencity and Authencity build trust“, You can make good faith when someone feels confident about your product. If the brand owner talks about himself, people will not believe, but he will trust the same thing by listening to his friends and from any stranger.
    • Its Build Community, provide a service to the customer that will make a tremendous impact on the customer’s life.

4 Points to Encourage Customer to Create User-Generated Content for Us

1.Don’t Afraid to Ask

Ask the customer how they liked your product, whether it was a positive experience or not. Sometimes it happens that people do not respond themselves, a lot of tactics have to be used and asked for feedback or review.

2.Give some Incentives to your Audience

You have to put some such strategy that your product can reach a lot of people, through social media, blogs, comment section, and many other ways. Like if you give money to people, they advertise your brand on their blog, video, or social media account or advertise a product of one of your brands. And if someone is buying your product because of them, then they will get some brokerage. By doing this, people will automatically promote your brand in front of many people.

User-Generated Content

3. Become Customer-Centric

You should do such a thing that you can become a center of attraction for people, make a point so that people start talking to you, such as participating in social work, bringing some entertainment humor, tell people about a real-life event that relates to your brand.

4. Collaboration

Collaborate with an influencer, collaborate with those who have a lot of audiences. So that you get a lot of benefits and make good trust with people.

If you want to run your Email Marketing Automation Campaign and grow your small business slowly. You may Check Mailcot and Migomail

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Strategies For Effective Email Marketing Campaign


strategies for email marketing campaign

E mail marketing is the marketing of your business’s products and services with the help of email communication to your target audience. Email marketing is the most effective and low-cost marketing tool to reach your audience with all the information.  effective email marketing campaign

Email becomes an effective email when it involves all the details or information which can help customers to reach your business. For this, we need to know how we can make an effective email with the help of different email designs and content which focus to increase the effectiveness of the email.

Best strategies for effective email marketing campaign

Strategies For effective Email Marketing Campaign

strategies for email marketing campaign

Best strategies for effective email marketing campaign.

#1 Increase Subscriber And Segment


When you have a larger number of lists in the email of your customer and you want to add more number of people on it to increase your segment market with a low and effective price to reach the target.

Segmentation in email marketing is the way by which a business can divide their customers into various groups on the basis of the Geographical, Demographical, Psychological, Behavioral Segmentation. These segment helps to target the right audience at the right time with the right information.

 effective email marketing campaign

#2 Make An Effective Subject Line

Most of the email users view email which has a good subject line which can help them to gain information. Because of email subject user visits email and read them, other then they don’t read them.

The subject line of an email decides the open rate of an email. In fact, 47% of marketers say they experiment with many email subject lines to optimize the performance of their email.

#3 Effective Email Content

When we need a good response from the email we need to have good content for it. So people go through it and read it for the information they need from email. So you make sour that subscribers happy with your email content.

Email with images and video can easily attract people to read it because of that create a good impression and engage more people. So design your email to attract a large number of people.

#4 Make A Schedule

strategies for email marketing campaign

Decide how often you plan to connect your list, inform your audience upfront so they know what to expect, and sick a regular schedule to build trust.

For increasing the email response rate you need to do the right timing for sending your emails. You need to decide on what time you target your audience to send emails that include a higher open rate.

#5 Include Interesting Links  

An email should include different links in the content. So it can help to increase the traffic of your site and customer can easily get complete information about the company product and services.

A link that connects your audience to your brand and websites so they can gain more knowledge and information.

effective email marketing campaign

#6 Automated Email

Trigger-based email is emails that are sent out automatically based on user behavior. Trigger mail much better option than regular email.

Automated emails are the best way to communicate with customers and provide all the information needed by the customers.

Personalized your email campaign is the way by which you can increase your email open rate. So it is a way by which you can improve subscriber engagement with your email and website.

#7 Reply Emails

For an effective email, you should provide an email response option to your customer. So you can communicate with them and can manage a good relationship with the customer by providing information and helpful content to them.

#8 Track Your Email Data

strategies for effective email marketing campaign


For effective email, you should check your email performance. Because of this you can analyze how effective your email is, and know how much people open your email, visit your website, give a response to the email. That helps for changes required and makes your email effective.


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best strategies for effective email marketing campaign. Strategies for effective email marketing campaign.

effective email marketing campaign


bulk emailing service provider in india, Email Marketing

Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

bulk email marketing campaign

In this new marketing time, people thought social media marketing is the most effective tool for marketing products and services. But email marketing is the most effective marketing way with the highest ROI. bulk email marketing campaign

For effective email marketing we need to decide the right email marketing strategies that can help to attract the audience toward the company’s product and services.

Bulk email is the most used tool for email marketing because this enables you to send thousands of emails at a time to the audience.

But how we design the bulk email campaigns that really work for business?

bulk email marketing campaign


#1 Build a Contact List


For a successful email marketing campaign, it’s required the right data of the subscriber so we can easily target them on the basis of their interest. Because most of the business buy an email list and that is the reason for an unsuccessful marketing campaign.

So that required to design a good subscriber form for new user and use that data for the connect and communicate with the customers. So you can easily know about their interest and target them accordingly.

#2 The Goal Of Email Marketing Champaign


Now that you’ve got your list building strategy put in place, you can start thinking about sending your first email campaign. For doing this you need to decide the goal of your campaign Some examples might include

  • Promoting a new product
  • Sharing a discount with loyal customers
  • Boosting downloads for your latest eBook
  • Updating subscribers on news about your business

Depending on your business, you may have different goals that I didn’t consider — that’s okay. Your objects can be as specific or broad as you need, just as large as they fit with your business and your audience.

#3 Personalized Bulk Emails

Personalized bulk emails because you cannot send the same emails to everyone make your emails unique according to the segmentation and subscriber interest.

Personalized emails carry a higher open rate and people find something interesting on it because they include a person name so this type of email attracts the user’s attention and that helps in a successful email marketing campaign.

The personalized subject line in the email is one of the most used ways to increase the open rate. People like email with special offers only for them. So make your emails subject line short and personalized so everyone goes and opens your emails.

#4 List Segmentation

bulk email marketing campaign

Segmentation in email marketing is the way by which a business can divide its customers into different groups on the basis of the Geographical, Demographical, Psychological, and Behavioural Segment.

Segmentation helps to get the best data and information regarding your subscriber. So you can make strategies for email marketing on the basis of different email subscriber groups in which they are interested.

#5 Trending Email Design

bulk email marketing campaign


Attractive email design is the reason for the open rate of emails. An email with best email design can easily get the attention of the email list subscriber.

So this is important to design email by using a different image, video, and gif that makes emails more attractive and that helps to increase the open rate of the emails.

A good email design creates a huge impact on subscribers so choose a good email design that helps to connect your business with more peoples.

bulk email marketing campaign

#6 Test Email Campaign Before Send

mass email campaign


Before you send your bulk email to your list of contacts, check to make sure you haven’t missed anything or made any careless mistakes!

Mistakes in an email marketing campaign can have devastating effects on your brand image. The usual culprits are fairly innocuous.

That helps you to send an email which is good and effective.

how to create bulk email marketing campaign.

#7 Analyze the results

bulk email marketing campaign


Analyzing email performance is important to know how we can design our email marketing campaign more productive that can show good results. That shows how effective email is working and what things need improvements.

Analyzing email performance include

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Bounce rate

bulk email marketing campaign. best bulk email service. mass email campaign

how to create bulk email marketing campaign. marketing email service providers.

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