Whether you are already using email marketing or you are just starting email marketing, you need to know that email is one of the most successful channels for selling any service or product. Marketers are always looking for a new way to build a relationship with the customer and increase revenue.

You worked very hard to create a correct email address list. Now that you have completed all your work, you have also decided which messages will be sent to whom i.e. personalizing the messages. Also, know how to make email mobile-friendly. Every practice of email marketing is very important for your strategy. If you are sending the wrong email, no positive result will come in your favor.

Email design also plays an important role, design the email in such a way that you can engage the customer and succeed in building a trustworthy relationship with the customer.

Now in this article, we will discuss several types of email marketing to communicate with the customer. So you read this article till the end, you will not be deprived of any important information.

Types Of Email Marketing 

1. Welcome Email 

types of email marketing

Wow, you’ve got a new customer, make your new customers feel polite while sending a welcome email. Try to imagine that you have gained a new friend or colleague. This is a series of welcome emails. This is not a normal email practice but is one of the most effective email campaigns.

When you send a welcome mail chain, you form a familiar relationship with the customer. If they are interested in hearing about your brand, you can give the customer information about your product and services.

Some examples should be in your welcome email marketing campaign.

  • Introduction of your brand among with product and services
  • Invite them to follow your social media account
  • Let them know
  • Describe brand history in an attractive manner.

Ask about how they liked the mail? how did they find you? Ask if they are interested in your brand?

When we take too long to send a welcome mail to the subscriber, they forget after some time that we had signed up on this list. Send the welcome mail as soon as the subscriber signs up, this gives average open rates, click-throughs, and increases revenue.

4 important factor to keep in mind whenever designing a welcome email 

  • Welcome and Customer name on top, For example, Welcome Ramesh! 
  • Give a presentation of your brand.
  • Say a Heartfelt thanks to a new customer.
  • Give a small gift for showing an interest in your brand.

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2. Promotional Email Marketing

types of email marketing

This is one of the most common and very popular types of email marketing campaigns. It is likely that there will be many promotional messages in your inbox. This is according to my consumer experience that it requires less strategy or orderliness. It is like a machine fire gun that forces us to open the inbox again and again.

In promotional email marketing, we promote our company’s product or service to our customers, so that if they need this product or service, they can buy it.

Instead of sending 10-12 different emails to promote your product, put multiple emails in one campaign that is progressive. Email builds on the previous and leads the marketing strategy towards the next

There are some points that will give some extra spice to your email marketing campaign.

  • Provoke customer sentiments.
  • Add company humor.
  • Raise curiosity.
  • Offer a Free Product.
  • Use a Slogan line.
  • Use attractive images and video, keep font size large to grab the user’s attention.

3. Festive Email Marketing

types of email marketing

Seasonal email marketing is to discontinue promotional email marketing.

An email marketing campaign is run whenever there is a festival or a national holiday. People are eager to shop on festivals, and if they get any discount offer at the same time, it will increase sales. This is why markets promote and discount their product during festivals so that people’s needs can be met at lower prices and sales and revenue are increased.

When the sale comes on Diwali, Holi, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas or New Year, they send us the message of sale through email. So use festive email marketing campaigns to offer festive sales or discounts to all your customers.

Some Points add in Seasonal Email Marketing Campaign 

  • It is important to know about the holidays of the country when promoting your product.
  • Hurry Up, marketers bombing weather promotional messages, so you should be first in the inbox.
  • Use themes, colors, and language according to festivals and holidays.
  • Give discounts according to festivals.
  • Mention date and time of sale or discount, that this sale valid on till this date.

4. Seasonal Email Marketing 

types of email marketing

You must have noticed that most people shop at the end of the season because they know that season sales will come from this date to this date. They come to know this by email in their inbox. Companies start sending brand’s season sale mails to their customers a month in advance and for this, they run a season email marketing campaign.

Some points which must follow and add in Seasonal Email Marketing Campaign

  • Give discounts on those things that are used more in that season.
  • Give a name on the top of the email like Summer season sale and get this much amount of discount, Winter Season sale etc.
  • Design an email according to a season
  • Send email early
  • Specify the start and end date of sale.

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5. Triggered Email Marketing

types of email marketing

With email marketing automation, we can trigger a series of relevant and targeted emails of consumers’ action.

The subscriber may have clicked the link inside an email in your automated email series, or placed an item in the cart and bounced without checking, or only one piece of entire content has been downloaded, or have shopped, Or have responded by participating in a survey. In this way analyze customer behavior and trigger it as a drip campaign.

Types of Triggered Email Marketing

  •  Activity of Campaign: Email will be sent to the same person who is in the campaign’s email address list, who opens an email campaign, who not give a response to the email campaign, who clicks on a link inside an email, or who not open a link.
  • Management of List: Automated email is sent when someone has signed up andActivity of Workflow: made themselves part of the list, or manually added to the list.
  • Activity of Work FLow:  Send email triggers when a customer has opened an email or opened and clicked on the link of a previous automated email campaign email. You can filter the list and then run an automated email campaign.
  • E-commerce: Trigger an email and send when the customer has purchased or bought one product not bought another, placed an item in the cart and not yet purchased, have shown interest in the former product email.

6. Transactional Email Marketing

types of email marketing

Transaction Email marketing is required when a customer takes some specific action and enables the customer to complete that specific task. Transactional Email is that email marketing where the customer wants these types of emails for further updates. Take some example:

  • Whenever we fill up a sign-up form and using the double-opt method send an email verification email.
  • On the eCommerce site, when we buy some products from any e-commerce site, they give full details from product dispatch to receiving the product.
  • When we put some products in the cart and do not buy them, we send the entire testing process through an email that you buy this product.
  • Send Reset Password Email.
  • Thank You mail.
  • Money Transaction Email.

7. Newsletter Email Marketing

types of email marketing

A newspaper is not a campaign, like a newspaper, which enables daily communication between you and the recipient. The newsletter is not for product sale, but it uses to educate our customers and prospects about our business profile, business product and services, product updates, and for customer entertainment.

Many businesses and companies send email newsletters so that they are always on top of the recipient’s mind. You can get the benefit from this that having a constant communication increases brand awareness, if readers are willing to read the content, they will surely be constantly connected with us., and your audience will likely grow.

8. Re-Engagement Email Marketing 

If your data shows that some people in your contact list have become inactive, then take the time to send them a re-engagement email to re-establish your contacts and relationships. Asking for customer’s response or feedback is the best way to get your business back in their mind. if they respond you win. Now they are active again about your business and you have got new enthusiasm to improve your marketing process.

If someone unsubscribes or does not respond, it is also a positive direction. With this, you can remove contacts from your list who are not interested at all about your business. This will improve your email engagement rates and your email reputation will increase on Internet Service Providers (IPs).

9. Sponsorship Email Marketing 

In all types of email marketing happens that we communicate with our email database, sending email to a contact list which we made ourselves. But you want to reach different people and want to expand your business, then you have to use sponsorship with a display ad.

Sponsorship email marketing is part of a paid marketing strategy, where you can run a mobile advertisement, google ads, or affiliate marketing to reach a  new audience. Sponsorship allows a copy of your company to be placed on another seller’s newspaper, but they pay for it.


In the above we discuss many types of email marketing, we can run any email marketing campaign according to the requirement of the business. Send welcome mail when getting a new subscriber, run a seasonal marketing campaign when offering a sale on a seasonable product, share regular or weekly information about a business send newsletter email, and so on.

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