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7 E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is the life and blood of e-commerce, but if you are using it wrong, it won’t generate you any sales. when you look at companies like overstock do you know where they are getting the majority of their sales from Email marketing that’s how powerful it is.

Today, I am going to share with seven e-commerce email marketing strategies, that acts like a charm:-

  1. scrub your list
  2. Trigger-based emails
  3. Time-based emails
  4. promotional-based emails
  5. Text-based emails
  6. up sells and down sells
  7. Last but not least

#1 Scrub your list:- 

The reason I say scrub your list too many people have e-commerce email marketing out there and they are just like, my list is huge, I am at 1,00,000 and I am at 2,00,000 and I am going to keep emailing everyone. well, what you will find is your email’s going to the promotions tab.

why is it going to the promotions tab? it’s cause you keep emailing people that are not opening up your emails. if you scrub your list, only email the people that are opening it, your deliverability rates go up, you get into the inbox, and your open rates go up, your clicks go up, your sales go up. ‘

if you are using a good email provider like Convert Kit, they automatically do it for you. some email providers like Mailcot, they may eventually end up changing it, they don’t like it when people scrub your list cause it makes their revenue go down, but if you do not scrub the list you will notice that your emails will go more into the promotions tab and you won’t do as well .

#2 Trigger-based emails:- 

If someone is on your email list, they add stuff to their cart, but they don’t complete their checkout, what should your email be to them? it should be how they can complete that checkout for those products. you can even put review in that email to show what it is like if they bought your product or service, more so product, ’cause this is e-commerce. that is super effective.

when someone goes to their checkout they have these products and they don’t checkout, but then, you shoot an email being like, check out our e-commerce store, here’s all these products that we sell. well, that is a terrible email. they already added the ones they want to buy, but they just need that push over the edge. maybe some testimonials, whatever maybe to get them over the edge, that will help a lot, and you will notice a ton of sales from that.

#3 Time-based emails:-

Here’s what I mean by that. everyone’s like, you send out an email, people open it up whenever they do. if you have a ton of unopened emails in your inbox, what happens? you will find that you are less likely to go through all the ones that are at the bottom and open ’em up.

people get lazy, it is not just you, it is everyone. so you want to look at what time that person came to your site and put in their email. that is when you should be sending them email. I try to stick within that timeframe, usually within an hour, versus sending it whenever it is my convenience.

#4 promotional-based emails:-

I know discounts and servicing is not necessarily the best thing to do, but in e-commerce when you do things like cyber Monday and Black Friday sales or a Christmas special or new year’s special, you will see a whole slew of sales come in. so you want to make your campaign set up in advance.

you don’t want to be at the last minute writing these emails. if you can go and write them in advance and you leverage these promotional-based periods, you will notice a ton of sales. what we have seen in e-commerce is during these peak holiday seasons you can typically get 25, 30% off your sales. that is a lot from a holiday season, even though there is a whole 12 months in a year.

#5 Text-based emails:-

Most e-commerce companies love using image-based emails. Do you know what happens with image-based emails? they get pushed in the promotions tab. google, Gmail and outlook, they all know that when someone sends you an email with a ton of images, it is usually a promotion versus when someone sends you a text-based email it is typically a friend, hence you want to use text-based emails.

#6 Up sells and down sells:-

Typically when someone buys from your e-commerce product you are going to have upsells and down sells on the checkout page. if you don’t, make sure you add ’em. but here is the thing. Most of your audience will not buy the upsells and down sells right then and there, so what you want to do is look at the products people are buying, and then, send them those upsells and down sells in email.

sure, you want to still have ’em on the checkout page right after they purchase, but you also want to follow up through email for all the people that don’t buy your upsells and down sells. on your thank you pages where you have these up sells and down sells, usually they are short and to the point. through email they can be much more in-depth, longer, and you want to space it out.

if they don’t but right away, you don’t want to hit ’em the next day with an email being like, buy this down sell. you want to give it a week or two after they receive the product, they get to use it. you want to follow up with all the other things that they can buy that can make that experience even better. it is very important to get the timing right. the moment you get the timing wrong, that is when you will see that those emails won’t convert at all.

#7 last but not least:-

When you are doing email marketing it is not just about email. it is very similar to email about the strategies that I am going to break down. it is push notifications. I use email combined with push notifications.

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Top Ways to Develop Your Email Marketing Database in India

Here are some ways to develop your email marketing database:-

01# Newsletter Sign-Up for email marketing

For email marketing, check your email sign-up form on the relevant pages on your website, and more importantly, the blog page. Use the embedded form or call-to-action to get people to click to a dedicated sign-up page. Ensure that it occupies a prominent position above the fold. Information about the possibility of signing up for a newspaper can also be placed in a pop-up window.

Email Marketing

02# Make email sign-up easy

If you have a sign-up form on your site, make sure it is easy to fill. Make it straightforward and resist the temptation to collect a lot of demographic and lifestyle information at this level. It will be found how to collect those email addresses. Always remember Short and Sweet is the king of email marketing.

03# Create great content for your subscribers

A good email marketing content deepens your relationship with your audience – it can be a powerful subject, your unique voice that reads your messages, or niche-specific content that your customers find useful and share with others Do and lead referrals and word- mouths. What works is “price exchange” – your valuable information for your prospect’s valuable time. Your customers need to know that they can trust you and that you are not promoting self-spam-bots.

04# Multiple calls-to-action: Give readers a good reason to subscribe

We all need a little encouragement in email marketing to hand over our email address, but if we feel an affinity with the brand, we don’t need too much. try these:-

    • Offer a discount on their first purchase
    • Describe what they’ll get: special offers, private sales, signs and tips, magazine articles
    • Show them what they’ll get

Email Marketing

05# Sign-up form placement

You have created the correct form. Now where to put it? Will more people see it on the ‘Contact’ page or the ‘About Us’ page? Should you sign a newspaper on your homepage? Or put it in the sidebar too? decisions decisions! Some top places to try to put an email signup form (or two or three) on your site are:

    • Top menu bar
    • Your site header
    • In your top performing page
    • Sidebar
    • At the end of a blog or tutorial
    • Material foot
    • Popup / popover
    • Your Bio / About Me Page

06# Improve your website speed & user experience

Like many other issues when it comes to websites and e-commerce, speed matters because Google says it matters. On 09 April 2010, Google’s Webmaster Central blog announced that “we have decided to speed up the site in our search rankings.” In other words, faster web pages will be able to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP) than slower sites.

07# A Gated Homepage

A gated homepage is when a person needs to enter their email address (email marketing) on ​​the homepage to gain access to the website’s content. When someone does this, a cookie is placed in their browser so that they do not have to fill in their email address again to gain access. But it is not always advisable to enter on your homepage. You should have a lot of in-depth content that people are reading to give their email address. Correct timing is also necessary! To find the right time in email marketing.

08# An exceptional Landing page

Your landing pages should focus on one main detail and it should convert visitors into customers. Whether you are seeking contact details in lieu of a discount, a free webinar or anything else a customer would like, you are more obliged to sign up. The landing page design should also be exceptional. Your subscribers are only as good as the landing page they receive.

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Top Email Marketing Implementation Tips

Email marketing implementation also requires significant planning and consideration. Because by spending enough time for your email marketing strategy, you can meet your customer goals more effectively and provide customers with the best marketing possible.

Here are some email marketing implementation tips that can be very helpful in email marketing:

  1. Planning
  2. Email Design
    • Styling
    • Textual Content
    • Proof Reading
    • Customization
    • Personalisation
    • Scheduling and Timing

01# Planning

Email Marketing

Email marketing planning only involves deciding what to do, how to do it and by whom. Before going on board you need to get the answer: –

    • What is the purpose of sending mail?
    • Who do you need to send it to?
    • What do you want to achieve with this?
    • What strategies will you use to make your action effective?
    • These are just a few examples of how to get started because it is very important to have a clear idea of what we are doing and why.

02# Email Design

Email MarketingAfter making a proper plan and now you know what your purpose is, you need to design mail. Designing for email (email marketing) is important because you are making an impression on the audience and you certainly do not want it vague or any less professional than you should be.

Following are the components of designing email:

  • Styling- You should keep mail user friendly but no less professional. No one is going directly into action after reading your mail, but it has been proven that how it is written is a driving factor in email marketing.

Consider the points before finalizing the template:

    • Template color combination
    • Font styles, drawings, and tables are used.
    • Avoid the use of words such as sale, offer, discount.
    • Use more text and less image.
  • Textual Content- Next important is email content (email marketing). Make it clear enough to make it simple, easy to understand and self-explanatory. Your content should push the user to act on the mail in the recipient. Do not overload the recipient with information. Be specific and do not leave any question in the mind of the reader.

Note the points given below:

    •  Exciting title to make readers curious to open mailing
    • Avoid lessons like discounts, offers, prizes, deadlines etc.
    • Add items to your product features such as bullet points.
    • Links to your digital assets to reach customers
    • A link to unsubscribe your email. Yes you must
  • Proof Reading- It is important that your content should be flawless because you cannot make any silly mistake while presenting yourself. That is why the content should be proofed.
  • Customization- Customization includes a creative and civilized approach to layout, the main body of mail, subject lines, pictures, links, and everything else that is part of email in email marketing. Go for formatting and outline that looks attractive and consistent.
  • Personalisation- The best part of email marketing which is personalization of email. The reader can be specifically addressed by entering their name in specific columns of the email database. It goes a long way to get to know your audience.
  • Scheduling and timing- Mail timing plays an important role in email marketing and you must ensure that all emails, whether direct or transactional, are properly scheduled. If you schedule your emails during work hours it will give you better results as most of us are active but it also depends on the nature of the mail. So keep a check on the range of mail.

For more related information about Email Marketing Implementation Tips, Go and check out- Mailcot and telcob.

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Brand Storytelling with Example

First, we will see what is Branding? Every business has a unique brand logo. We create a unique logo of the company so that immediately after seeing it, it comes to the mind of the people that it is the logo of this company.

The logo of Facebook Google, Coco cola, Puma, we easily recognize the logo of these companies.

The reason this happens is that these brands have created a good value in front of their customer, and one of the reasons is that they have shared a real story of the brand in front of their customer and In short “Brand Storytelling

What is Brand Story Telling?

“Brand storytelling is using a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your customers.”

Now we will describe the key elements out of this

  • Narrative”, means elements of storytelling, a story consists of a character, setting, conflict, escalating action, climax, and denouement.
  • “what you stand for”, This means that it is the essence of your brand, it does not mean that you are making money from it, or you are selling the product, the only reason is that you are telling the power and motivation behind your business. And why are you different from your competition.
  • Values” Value means a good character that best describes your company.

Brand storytelling is one such way where you can give a new identity to your business through art where you can develop a positive relationship with the people and give an emotional response along with an inspirational message.

Here Now we see the example of Brand Storytelling

#1 LG Innovation Story

In this advertisement we see, we can do anything in our life, we can bring many innovations. This ad has lots of emotions and gives a motivational message.

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4 Making The Most Out Of E-mail Marketing Automation

Making E-mail Marketing Automation

E-mail Marketing Automation How many times have you encountered the term of email marketing automation recently? It is one of those industry buzzwords that is flying by the moment but it is for a good reason. Marketing automation can really help you in the continuous development of software and technology in particular.

You should already have a reception and some other basic programs. But to really get the most out of automation you need to identify other areas within your customer journey where an automated campaign is added and will be beneficial to your customers.

Here are examples of some more advanced programs you can create to boost your marketing automation.

E-mail Marketing Automation

Birthday / anniversary Programs

Celebrate with your customers on their birthdays or celebrate anniversaries. Give them special deals, vouchers as a small gift to make them feel appreciated and as a person.

Reactivation Programs

This is great, because not only GDPR is coming in the first half of 2018, but also best practice. Think about creating an automation reactivation program that will go to your customers who have not interacted with your brand for a month or two.

Loyalty Programs

Returning customers spend 67% more than new customers, rewarding your best and loyal customers with a special loyalty program that triggers a purchase, and depending on the level of customer, they are your CRM, Specific offers can be determined in code. Additionally, you want to create a sign-up process in your loyalty scheme in which you can highlight anyone making a purchase that is not already in the plan.

Upsell Programs

Do you have a product that you can adopt through insurance, extended warranties or related products such as the Upstel Program? Take advantage of an upsell program to push relevant products that are related to their recent purchases.

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