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Top 5 Strategies for Brand Building

How to make your Brand Viral?

Today we will see that anyone can spend it by making the brand viral. Today we will focus on those things. Where the brand has to go viral in an organic way. Should it be done that your brand is not viral until it is spend less.

Today we will share some points with you:-

  1. Feeling vs Information
  2. Socially Responsible Emotional story
  3. Attention Seeking Potential
  4. Call for action with a beautiful jingle
  5. Exaggerate the insecurities and fear


#1 Feeling vs Information:

Within your brand’s advertising, promotion or sales pitch, you are telling experiences right away or just talking about your product. In fact, today there is no interest that you keep talking about yourself and your product. People are not interested in who you are, they are interested in how you make them feel. They don’t care how much you know, they know how much you care.

Nowadays, in all the versions that have gone viral inside the world, emotions are very strong. And if they are socially responsive projects, people suppress them and share viral content. Because inside them a good person is awake.

How much people will remember about your brand depends on how you have made them feel about the brand. Whatever you are doing through your advertising, through a sales pitch, through promotional schemes, TV and print advertisements.

#2 Socially Responsible Emotional Story:

If you have a socially sensitive emotional story inside your ad, people will share themselves. You do not need to spend extra. They are not paid branding but organic branding. If you understand, people are affected by the behavior. There is no logic.

#3 Attention seeking Potential:

Earlier, I wanted such a good advertisement that people could take a message with him. But nowadays, people change channels quickly. They have TV controlled via remote. We will record and transfer new channels. And fast forward. So to counter this, if the beginning of ad is not good. And if it does not have attention grabbing potential, then it will immediately take your attention and no one will see that ad. we will add some points in attention seeking potential:-

    • Testimonial route of social proof
    • Unexpected Extreme Delightful surprise

#4 Call for Action with a beautiful jingle:

Jingle means after seeing your ad people start humming. Inside these jingles are hidden commands, a hidden command which is registered by going to your mind. And many times you hum and then go to the shop and buy the same. Your subconscious mind can register music and jingle more easily as it goes to tune and generates a pattern.

If that tune is melodious, it is better composed and especially if you can place a call to action inside your jingle. Could give such instructions. Because of which he should follow it.

#5 Exaggerate the insecurities and fear:

What a lot of brands are doing today. Uncovers the secrets hidden inside yourself. Explore the specialty hidden inside you. To increase, glorify and enhance. You then attach a common sense and urgency to purchasing your product.

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11 Powerful Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing:-

Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do many things with email, such as selling products, sharing some news, improving your car drop rate, or telling a story.
When you want to communicate something about your brand or sell your goods, email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to do this.

Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to advertise your business, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. It is also extremely low cost and has an exceptionally high ROI.

11 powerful benefits of email marketing and how to start making $100 + per day with email marketing in 30 days or less, even if you are brand new.

The 11 powerful benefits of email marketing are as follows:-

    • Credibility
    • Relationship
    • Marketing to many
    • Increases sales
    • Low overheads
    • Less = More
    • Free traffic
    • Fast results
    • Create excitement
    • Automation
    • Stay on their mind

Email Marketing

#1 Credibility: 

People do business with people they know, like and believe. Email gives you the ability to build credibility with 100, even thousands of people at once. You can do this by sharing entertaining stories and useful information in your email.

#2 Relationship:

It is all about building relationships. You do this by sharing your life stories with people to whom they can relate. This makes them feel that you are like them. If they feel that you understand their struggle, they are more likely to buy from you.

#3 Marketing to many:

Most people are busy trying to run their business by interacting with individuals on online social media. This is a highly ineffective way of doing business because you are only marketing one person at a time. Email allows you to market to a large group of targeted people at the same time, all with the push of a button.

#4 Increased sales:

When you have a listener of highly targeted people, who you reach at the push of a button, your life changes. You can generate free traffic and free money by just pressing a button.

#5 Low overheads:

Email marketing gives you massive ROI. The running cost of email business is very low compared to the returns you make. When you think that each subscriber on your list might be worth $ 1 or more per month to you, you’ll soon find out why email makes so much sense.

#6 Less = More:

Email marketing is the ultimate way to make big money as a slacker. Most days, it takes me 10 minutes to write an email, which I schedule to go out at the time of my choice. By the time I decide to make the video, my workday is over.

#7 Free Traffic:

Even if you have paid advertisements to build your email list, once you have subscribers, you are able to monetize them again and again. So effectively, once you break even at your expense, email traffic becomes free. You are literally making free money again and again.

#8 Fast results:

There are not many businesses that you can start today and literally begin profiting with the very same day. Email is one of those business that can deliver immediate results within your first 24-72 hours.

#9 Create excitement:

When you have a product you want to release, or an affiliate offer you want to promote, you can preform your email list and build your excitement. Then when your product, or offer goes live, you have to wait for people with credit cards to buy it.

#10 Automation:

Email marketing helps you run a large percentage of your business on autopilot. There are many weeks where I spend most of my time eating out, watching YouTube, or at the beach, while my pre-set emails go out and automatically earn me money.

#11 Stay on their mind:

By having an email list that you can mail daily, you are able to be at the forefront of people’s minds. They cannot be till today or tomorrow. But when they are ready to shop, you will be the first person they think of buying.

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5 Essential Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Emails

why are mobile-friendly emails so important?

In today’s era, the use of smartphones is increasing frequently and with this the amount of people reading email on mobile devices is also increasing. This number is 30% since 2010 to 2015, and I believe it’s a really easy win that it’s steadily increasing. This means that you have to compose the message, which is well versatile. Mobile friendly email is also a type of email that we ideally display between our desktop / laptop and cell phone. And also, make sure it looks great in front of your customers and prospects read it.



If your emails are mobile friendly, you may miss the opportunity to engage your customers and drive results. So carefully examine seven simple, yet essential tips that any marketer can use to make their email more mobile-friendly.

Here are five essential things that will enable you to write mobile-friendly emails:

01# As may be acceptable both in plan and substance

The core of any email should be a clear and compact message, but it is more important when designing for mobile. Screen real estate on mobile is extremely important (this is going to be a common theme), so keep the design very clean and straightforward and focus on the essentials.

02# Use a single section layout

Due to the limited real estate found with cell phones, it is usually better to use basic designs. With a regular multi-segment design, your readers will need to zoom or view their smartphone to see everything. This can make it difficult for them to detect the substance of your email and call to action.

03# Use a single, clear suggestion to take action

Make a point to include an appropriate invitation to take action, and place it close to the highest point in your email. Many action calls often complicate things a bit on mobile. Tell your readers what you need them to do and it is really easy for them to do so.

04# Avoid tiny fonts

Verify your content as it can be read effectively. Use a minimum size 11pt font for body content and 22pt for features. We additionally suggest using a strong contrast of dark materials such as colors on light foundations. Many reduce the level of brightness on a mobile device to help conserve batteries – and they refuse to go out in regular daylight – so a strong contrast of colors will be easier to read.

05# Take it easy on pictures

Here just use the pictures that are required for your mobile friendly email. Here’s why: Apple’s iOS enables the resulting images to be shown. But many other mobile devices are phased out such as Android – turn off images by default. Also, you cannot expect your images to be shown. And also, if your email contains a bundle of pictures. They can just look like pieces of white space and light of this. We also suggest including image descriptions. It helps to tell people what the picture is when it is not being displayed.

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Latest Technology Trends you watch in 2020

It is very important to learn and enhance your skills in this technology trends of era. It helps you to get a job in the field of your choice. And if you are already a professional, then learning new techniques and tools will get you closer to the promotion you always dreamed of.

In the past year, we have seen a lot of new technological changes, but now we are in 2020. Which will now closely watch new technologies coming to higher levels.

Here are Some Latest Technology Trends of 2020

  1. Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  2. Data Science
  3. Internet Of Things(IOT)
  4. Blockchain
  5. Robotic Process Automation(RPA)
  6. Virtual Reality
  7. Smart Cities
  8. Intelligent Apps

01# Artificial Intelligence :

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology used to equip computer systems with decision-making capabilities similar to humans. We say that their minds are so advanced that they can think and work for you. It is done in a computer system, it has three processes, the first process is learning, which fits in the brain of a computer like a human being. They are also taught some rules which fulfill the rules and complete the given work. There is a second process that instructs them to follow these rules and produce results. And the third process is self correction.

Technology Trends

For example, Smart Speaker was named as some of the heaviest hitters in the CTA’s consumer tech industry. Forecasts, with an estimated income of $ 3.8 billion (an increase of 93%), and 43.6 million units sold (+ 60%).

In this realm, AI plays a major role in autonomous driving capabilities – particularly when it comes to sensory perception (objects in a vehicle’s path), data processing, and action. This is an important piece in industry forecasts with a forecast of $ 15.9 billion or an increase of 6%.

What will happen next? Two major things to come were identified, the first interaction with the context. Like machines interacting with humans with better natural language processing. To make it more like the way we talk to each other. The second is the ability of AI to build trust with users and reduce bias – which when executed successfully, can help AI systems explain why it makes some recommendations for action or content.

02# Data Science

Data science is a kind of knowledge in which we gather information together so that we can use it in its business and IT strategies. We gather this knowledge again well and make it a valuable resource.

Technology Trends

Today, there is a lot of demand for those who come for data signs because many companies are dependent on data signs. By scrutinizing a large amount of data, we get a lot of useful things and then we collect the work data and keep it for our work.

This is increasing the ability of the company to compete because we bin search in data signs. This also increases the business of the company). Data Signs that people with Math, Statistics and Computer Signs work in the area. They use technologies like machine learning, cluster analysis, data mining.

Benefits of Data Science

  • Data science is very useful in business decision making. It uses data in very correct ways and makes it useful so that we can use it.
  • The decisions we take from data, we get a lot of benefit and also increase the ability to work. Data signals are also very useful in recruiting people, such as in intensive work of people such as those who are selected for the next step, then they are also sorted using data signals.
  • Taking aptitude tests from data and games, coding, etc. are very useful for human resource people as it takes those people to the company.

03# Internet Of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of devices that are connected to each other. Their devices can share data with each other. These devices can be connected via Wi Fi, and they share data about their environments. These devices have a computer chip that describes how they are being used.

Technology Trends

It is predicted that more than 41 billion devices powered by IoT will be used by 2025.

IoT not only enables connections between different devices, but also makes their remote access successful. For example, you lock your car doors remotely, preheat your oven and geyser. Fitbit also runs IoT technology to track the number of calories you burn. IoT chips embedded on machines help businesses assess the performance of those machines and assist in their maintenance.

04# Blockchain

Blockchain is a fundamental technology that makes electronic currencies such as cryptocurrency powerful. In simple words, we say that blockchain is an electronic bookkeeping that can be shared between different types of users. It also helps to create a record of transactions that can never be changed. Each of these records is time-stamped and pre-linked.

Technology Trends

When we add a new transaction to the book all the time, this transaction becomes an advertisement in the second block of the chain. The blockchain is updated when the leaders of various parties agree. And once new data is fed into a block, it cannot be erased. This makes the technology verified and secure.

05# Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

RPA is a technique that we use in our everyday tasks as well as artificial intelligence. Here, the software is used to automate repetitive tasks, such as handling and answering emails, processing transactions and handling business data.

This technique is used by lower-level employees and to automate the tasks of high-ranking officers. RPA can automate more than 40% of daily tasks. According to McKinsey, over 60% of all repetitive tasks can be partially automated using RPA. Therefore, this technique can also be a threat to many jobs.

06# Virtual Reality

VR is a technique by which you can get yourself into an environment that seems surprisingly realistic. It is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. It is very popular for playing computer games. Unlike traditional games, where you experience the gaming environment by looking at the screen, you are placed directly in the environment.

Technology Trends

In these environments, rituals such as touch, hearing, smell and sight follow. Using a headset such as VR gear, you can roam the world of 3D where you can play games. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique used to improve this simulated environment.

07# Smart Cities

From self-driving pizza delivery vehicles to environmental and energy use, smart cities are where society and technology intersect. While smart cities fill a new enough category that their role in marketing remains largely open. They present an opportunity for brands to enhance their role in the community.

One of the best cases for the growth of smart cities. For example, this is how they will work to enhance public safety and services. Something that cannot happen without the cooperation of markets, organizations and regional leadership. Finding out where their own organizations fit into the smart city ecosystem. Marketers can work ahead of the curve by looking for ways to actively support their brands. And contribute to a smart city, thus playing a big role in what is yet an emerging trend.

08# Intelligent Apps

Intelligent app is a software technology used in AI components such as machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, robotics, and natural language processing. They help you make decisions based on the correct time data or historical data.

Technology Trends

The AI-driven algorithm helps these apps leverage historical and real-time data to facilitate important user decisions. The use of smart integration and predictive and prescriptive analytics, customer data and product insights helps to engage these apps in a continuous learning method, and hence has the following benefits.

Benefits of Intelligent App

  • Provide forecasts and decisions to provide a super-rich and custom-built experience for users.
  • Provide valuable solutions based on users’ history of interaction with brands, people and machines.
  •  Deliver personalized and relevant content to facilitate continued engagement.
  •  Analyze multiple data sources to provide valuable insights and specifically help automate simple routine tasks without waiting for user commands.

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Best Guide To Real Estate Email Marketing

Real estate email marketing looks like an amazing idea, particularly for agents and companies that rely on a traditional method to join with clients. But make no mistake, if you are working in today’s competitive market, you need to learn how to use email marketing for real estate. To understand the value of email marketing for dealers, you’ll need to learn what it can do to help your business. That includes discovering how real estate email blasts and campaigns can help you better engage with customers and planned clients.

Email marketing goes well beyond engagement and can help nurture leads and grow the business. It’s a simple concept, but one that requires skill and the help of a committed email blast service to perform.

Why do real estate email marketing?

The advantages of email marketing to dealers are many. The first thing you need to know is why you should be using email marketing.

1) Saves time and money

Real Estate email marketing

Once you craft a winning email campaign you can sit back and let the system do its work. The glorious beauty of email marketing is that it can be automated. So once you have your email list in place and have created your messaging, you can focus on bigger ticket items like closing sales.



2) Develop your real estate brand

real estate email marketing


Real estate email marketing should directly follow your agency’s brand. Your business now has a prominence within your community, and your email messages should expand on that. By creating appropriate content, you can build out your brand efficiently.




3) Foster commitment with real estate clients and prospects

real estate email marketing

Your central goal as a real estate professional is to engage with your clients and prospective customers. Targeted email blasts and campaigns will help you do just that, fostering your existing relationships and adding your brand to new possibilities. Real estate email marketing is one of the best ways to nurture engagement. Email marketing for real estate agents is an underutilized tool. “From client income, client recognition, product listings, promotions, lead generation, lead nurturing to branding, businesses have yet to provide the full potential of email.”


4) Generate more revenue for your real estate business

Generate Revenue

A real estate email campaign is a great way to turn leads into sales. Email offers an informal way to communicate with prospects and learn more about their behaviors and needs. That valuable information can then be used to close sales and generate revenue.





How email marketing will affect

your real estate business?


1) Nourish relationships with real estate clients

Customer Buyer Competition - Free image on Pixabay

Customers want to feel involved and connected with the businesses they work with. This is especially true in the high-stakes world of real estate. A targeted real estate email marketing campaign will help nurture those relationships. Remember that not all your customers and prospects are alike. By using techniques such as email segmentation, you can organize your real estate list into segments of contacts that share the same features. When your email content is related to a contact’s needs, they are more likely to read it all the way through. Customers want to feel appreciated and acknowledging interests through directed emails to build trust in real estate brands.

2) Grow more adaptable

4 Ways to Boost Your Adaptability Skills | Drexel Goodwin

You want your business to grow and you want a marketing strategy that will balance beside you. Real estate email marketing is adaptable to your needs at any given time and can grow naturally with your business. Having flexibility in how you engage with clients is crucial for success.




3) Gain entrance to customers 

PGC - aboutus - Who-is-using-our-product - (Parallel Geoscience ...

Choosing an advanced email marketing service likes Mailcot opens the door to convenience. Our all-in-sales and marketing toolbox will help you market your services to a wider range of clients and advised customers.



4) Meet more real estate sales


The end goal of any real estate email campaign is to meet more sales. And with the right tools and technology, you will be able to compare sales to your email marketing efforts.




This is the Time to Try Real Estate Email Marketing

Hopefully, you are now satisfied that real estate email marketing is a good choice for your business. From newsletters to targeted content, email allows an easy and affordable way to grow your business and engage with clients. It also provides unlimited opportunities for creativity and gives your real estate agency a future to modify your brand from the game. It has the unusual quality of providing corner, targeted communications to a broad group of people. Real estate email thrills and campaigns are comparatively simple to build. Working with a trusted partner like Mailcot will give you all the tools required to succeed. Open your free Mailcot account in just a couple of clicks to get started!

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Communication Crisis- Best Practices to Email Customers

As COVID-19 sends the world into shutdown, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. As a business owner, it’s vital that you have an effective crisis communication plan to keep your customers up-to-date and reassured. Digital communication, especially via email, is essential for maintaining customer relationships and business continuity. But it’s also important that you use digital channels correctly and avoid any faux pas that would put your reputation at risk.

Whether to Send a Communication Crisis Email or Not?

communication crisis best practices to email customers

Your customers are apparently undergoing information overload right now. There’s a lot of noise. Do you actually want to continue to it? With the tremendous volume of COVID-19 emails being sent in current weeks, people have been fast to analyze the sending of inappropriate and non-targeted emails. Times are difficult enough right now. The latest thing you need is to expose your brand’s character.

Whether you send out a crisis communication all depends on your open-ended connection with customers and how your assistance to them has been affected by the crisis. Ask yourself: What important information do my customers need to know about doing business with me at this time? Only reach out if your message is truly important, instructive, and makes value. Don’t send an email for the benefit of it or just because everyone else is doing it.

Steps to Plan Communication Crisis- Best Practices to Email Customers:-

So you’ve decided to go forward with sending a crisis communication to your customers. There are a few things to get your caption throughout first.

You’ll need to define:

  1. The message to deliver.
  2. Who wants to learn it (everybody or just some contact groups?)
  3. How to communicate it (email is great for crisis communication)
  4. The time-sensitivity of the information (how fast does this message need to get out?)
  5. The different private stakeholders who need to be notified/involved (so that everyone’s on the same page about what’s being communicated externally)
  6. From whom the message should be signed off (the company CEO, account manager, the customer care leader, etc.)

It’s pleasant that you’ll need to create various messages and tailor them to various customer groups. Take every moment to segment your contact list, be it based on geography, demographics, or buying behavior. That’ll help guarantee the relevancy of your message.

Why Email is the Most Useful for Communication Crisis?

communication crisis- best practices to email customers

Email is vast for producing targeted, timely communications to a general number of people. It signifies a direct line of communication with your customers and has a remote better chance of being read than a post on social media. It can also work out so cheap, depending on which email service provider you’re using. But, is there a standout understanding why so many brands have chosen to email during the COVID-19 crisis?

An email has the appropriate rule for a crisis status. This is something that social media channels need as they lead to be more comfortable and light-hearted. Another benefit of email is that it can be clearly referenced later.

With that in mind, let’s look at how you should approach crisis communication emails.

6 Types of Information to add in a Crisis Email

communication crises- best practices to email customers

1. How service levels are impacted and what customers should assume

Stick to real facts and information. If you’re accurate and clear about the situation now, it’ll help you achieve expectations in the long run. Tell customers what they need to know: Opening/closing dates, product availability, back in stock dates, shipping delays, etc.

2. Details of any Contingency View

What solutions are you offering to customers in reply to the impacted service levels? How have you changed your business model to the current situation? Maybe you’ve changed your sit-down restaurant into a drive-through takeout, your physical store into e-commerce, or your farm business is now doing door-to-door deliveries of fresh vegetables. Whatever your new way of doing things, share all the certain details of how customers can continue to do business with you.

3. Concrete Answers to most Important Concerns and Questions

What are the usual common queries you’ve been getting so far? Maybe they’ve been about payments, cancellation policies, or shipping delays. Go through the questions you’ve received to pinpoint your customers’ central concerns. Address these right in your email copy and give any answers you can.  Always be proactive. Reach out to customers with information first so they don’t have to come seeking it. This also eases the stress on your customer service email/phone line.

4. How to provide value at this time

If your product or service can genuinely treat people, let them know about it – but be concerned about coming across as overly promotional.

5. If appropriate: The protective steps you take

Only talk about sanitization exercises when these actions have an immediate impression on the customer. Telling people about your inclusive hand-washing might make sense if you’re a food delivery business.

6. Offering a Product/\Service for Free to Help

If you’re freely offering up certain services, adding this information to your crisis email communication can assist increased the word to those who can help.

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