Using a double opt-in subscription system, sending emails in the right place, and enhancing the best quality contact list for email marketing.

There is a debate in email marketing as to what is right in single opt-in and double opt-in. Although each has its advantages and disadvantages. So it is up to you which service you want to use in business and which is most right for your business.

Mailcot suggests you, use only double-opt-in service, why so? You will know after reading the full article and if you liked the article, please comment and share.

Can we start then let’s start!

What id Double opt-in?

In Email Marketing Double opt-in is a system for including a new contact to an email list, first, filling the sign form, then sending a confirmation email to that address before the contact is considered correct.

While this is not the case with a single opt-in, the customer here gives you their email address via the signup form and you add it to the email list and don’t even know if it is the correct address. Double opt-in has a separate security layer, which helps you avoid fake addresses and hard bounce, and provide valuable and accurate email address lists.

Advantages of Double Opt-in

  1. Always have an Email list of the correct addresses.
  2. When running an email marketing campaign, there is always the concern that hard bonuses are minimized, which means that your email list should have minimal or no fake addresses. With the security layer of double opt-in, we have the right contact list and avoid hard bounce.
  3. You are able to build a good relationship with your customers right from the beginning. Because the confirmation mail should be designed as a welcome mail so that whenever the new subscriber receives the confirmation mail, they feel good that it was welcomed with its name. It is also a reason to be able to engage the customer on your brand and build a trustworthy relationship.
  4. Mail will always be sent to the correct address and mail will be sent to those who are genuinely interested in your brand.

Mailcot’s Double Opt-in System

Let us look at the example through which we can understand better. Will see from Mailcot’s double opt-in

  • Step1:- First of all fill up the registration form

Double opt-in

  • Step2:- Then you will be redirected to the sign-up form.

Double opt-in

  • Step3:- Then you get the confirmation mail.

Double opt-in

  • Step4:- Then click on the Confirm your Account button for further processing.
  • Step5:- If not clicking on the button, then you will not be able to sign-in to Mailcot and an error will appear.

Double opt-in

  • Step6:- As soon as you click on the confirm button, the mail will get confirmed, and then you will come to the dashboard.

Double opt-in


Want to get a good email marketing strategy, then it will start with double opt-in. With this help, you can bring interested customers to your business. It gives you the correct email address list

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