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Will email marketing eventually be more effective than social media marketing?

Social media marketing may be effective in the future, but email marketing is often a tried and true approach for the future.

In this article, we’ll take a look at an email and social media marketing and answer the question, “Which one is more effective and better?”

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Over the past decade, social media visitors have always grown at an exponential rate and a fast pace.

It’s clear that social media is the best media platform or channel, like an email, that can be used to reach your target audience easily. In fact, 83% of marketers say that social media is important for their business.

In light of these trends, some marketers are wondering, will social media replace email?

The truth? Email’s not going anywhere for a good, long while.

In this post, we’ve compiled all the things in this article the latest email marketing and social media statistics and forecasts.

Will email marketing eventually be more effective than social media marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Which One Is Better?

According to Smart Insights, email marketing is the #1 choice for marketers, because email is less expensive than social media marketing, it does require training to ensure that emails get seen and published while following all related laws. But only by a margin of 1%. Social media marketing is listed as top marketer preferences.

In the chart below, you’ll notice that 35% of marketers rated email marketing as the most effective digital media channel. 34% claim social media is best, and 32% say content marketing is #1.

Will email marketing eventually be more effective than social media marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Email vs Social Media Marketing User Preferences

What does your early morning look like?

No, not once you start getting up and working. We’re talking those moments in the darkness after you’ve shut off your alarm but before you’re actually fully awake from the sleep.

Your phone is in your hand, you’re still warm and snuggly in your bed, it’s oh-so-tempting to go back to sleep. But you don’t.

Instead, you open your email. Well, 58% of you do, anyway. And so do 58% of your customers.

Here’s what the rest will do:

  • 5% check the new
  • 20% fire up a search engine
  • 14% check social media

Which Drives More Sales: Email Marketing or Social Media?

We know that 60% of consumers sign up for brand emails with the expectation of getting promotional emails in their inbox.

Email marketing is the best way to make sales online and it always drives sales a lot. But, you should definitely check out our new ChatBot element to get a jump start on those social purchasing numbers.

Total Users

The number of users for both of the email and social media is going to climb. But numbers alone are of little importance to you, right? You want to know who these users are: behaviors, demographics, what motivates them. Not only does email have the largest user base overall, but it also has the largest user base of any age group and difference between the social media.

Of course, age barely matters, to begin with, the scratch the surface of the many ways that your particular customers may use email or social media differently. There are so many ways in which you can see segmentation to learn about the specific demographics and psychographics that make your customers unique.

Will email marketing eventually be more effective than social media marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great platform for driving traffic to your websites. You can do that easily by making your content go viral and popular, or by paying for social media ads. Email marketing is awesome for generating leads, driving sales and increasing customer service.

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How marketing has changed in last 10 years

The marketing world has changed dramatically over the last ten years. I have had to personally go through a digital transformation to truly understand how to best market business (Online Marketing ) and because of this. We have analyzed every step of a customer acquisition journey.

I have analyzed some of the major changes. Now we will discuss these changes made in marketing in brief:

Online Marketing has become Key

Over the last ten years, we’ve adapted to using the online world to listen, research, and find products/services we want to buy. For any business in any industry, it’s no longer a nice to have it’s a necessity. Being present online is only step one of letting customers know what we do. We must also build brand awareness and engage with our community to build trust.

You Need to be brand Consistent

Customers used to look at maybe one or two websites when wanting to make a purchase. They wouldn’t go to 10-20 different websites and look at reviews, social activity and how a business was dealing with customer service. For a business to succeed in the marketing world now, they need to be brand consistent.

It takes on average ten touch-points for a customer to trust, and purchase from a business. It never used to be this difficult, or complex.

The Need To Be Digital has Businesses Worried

I found some interesting statistics from a study ran by Adobe. They found that less than half of the professionals considered themselves to be highly proficient in digital marketing. The study also showed that only 9% agreed that their digital marketing is “working”.

Businesses are worried about embracing digital and are finding it hard to be truly successful through their digital marketing. Digital marketing was barely an after-thought ten years ago but now, it is the primary focus and one which does have businesses worried.

The Cost Of Marketing Has Increased Dramatically

Over the last ten years, there have been some major advancements in technology. And because of this, a larger budget is being put in place by businesses (Online marketing) so that they can stay ahead of their competitors.

This also includes hiring more knowledgeable people to take control of a digital aspect of the business as well as having freelancer help with content creation, and paid advertisement. The ways in which we can engage with consumers has increased. And there are endless opportunities but it does cost money to explore these and put a strategy in place.

Social media is game Changer

Businesses (Online Marketing) have been quick to realize, especially over the last five years, how critically important Social Media is to generating revenue and brand awareness.

As more potential customers are turning to Social Media as a way to engage online, businesses (Online Marketing) have had to follow suit. Something I always say as a way to be successful is to take the conversation to your customer. Go to where they want to hang out and that is Social Media.

Credibility is More Important Now, Than Ever Before

Credibility is what can make or break a business. You need to be memorable, and authentic.

This doesn’t mean that you say something headline-grabbing and then because you have a lot of short-term interest that you suddenly have credibility. It doesn’t work like that. Building long-term relationships with your audience and a brand that is credible and respectable will win in the long run.

A Business-First VS. An Audience-First Strategy

Having an audience-first strategy means that you are creating content that your audience wants from you, and not what you want to create as a business.

The above is a given, but there has been a slight change. There needs to be the delivery of the correct message, to your target audience, at the right time and using the right social network to achieve success. So, to understand how this can be done, do your research and find out where your target audience “hangs out” online.

This has been a huge shift over the last ten years. Businesses (Online Marketing) would be successful through being in essence; selfish. Creating “me, me, me” content worked. It doesn’t anymore.

A short video is Here which shows how marketing is evolved…

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