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Email Marketing Future Trends 2021

Email Marketing Future Trends 2021, the trend of email marketing is going to be very good in the times to come. Many professional people use email, people open their email every morning and evening to see what has come new

Even today, we get a lot of information through email, such as

  • a sale has been made on any e-commerce sites on a product, or
  • a new product has been launched,
  • or an offer sale email,
  • or an announcement email,
  • or a traveling site’s email, and more Information emails.

So by using email marketing tools for all these, you can convey your information to your subscribers. Email campaigns are the right way where you can send emails to multiple users at a time and engage.

Email Marketing Future Trends

In 2021, there are many ways by which you can increase the future trends of email.

1.Mobile Screen Optimization

Today, 40-70 percent of people see and read email on mobile. Accordingly, it is important that the email be mobile-friendly, that if the subscriber opens the email in the mobile, then it should be seen in proper formatting.

The text should be large and fit according to the mobile screen and a column should be used to write the text. Pictures should also be adjusted according to the mobile screen and use a compressed image. There should be a call-to-action button that redirects in the right direction.

2. Use Dark Mode in Email Marketing Future Trends

Dark mode affects email content. Simply put, the light color of the email is highlighted and the darker colors light up. Because people use dark mode to easily see colors with their eyes to improve their user experience. People use dark mode to easily see colors with their eyes to improve their user experience. You always have to note that the experience of reading email should not be different for the user. If your email is too bright or the color is invalid on dark mode, the user will close or delete your mail as soon as they see it.

The popularity of dark mode is increasing, due to which the consumer gets a good experience. When users prefer dark mode to make things easier on the eyes in low light environments – such as when sleeping before a night watching email once.

3. Email Accessibility

Accessibility means that your email is going to the right person and you can understand what is in this email. Design your email in a way that is easily accessible. Here some points for Email Accessibility :

  • Use Large and easily readable font
  • The content should be short and easy to read. Write content that is useful to the user and uses less difficult words.
  • Us White space
  • Use a perfect color, where dark background use a light color for text and light color background use a dark color for text.
  •  Use button .i.e. the Call-to-action button, when the user tap on this button it redirect the user to the right place.
  • Design a responsive email so that if the consumer opens the email on mobile or desktop realized the same experience.
  • Subject line precise and catchy
  • Always use semantic tags, such as use <h> tag for heading, <p> tag for paragraphs, <b> tag for bold when we want to highlight any word or line, <alt> tag use in the image when the image is not loaded, it can be detected by alternative text from whom this image belongs

4. Customer Feedback, Rating, and Review

93% of people see a review, so only after seeing the review they believe in anything. So be sure to provide reviews, ratings, and feedback in the email.

5. Social Media with User Generated Content

People trust a brand even when they hear about that brand from someone else. User-generated content is what the user has generated for your brand whether it is in the form of an image, or review, or rating or comment, or more. 87% of people can build trust in any brand by viewing user-generated content.

If someone has said something about your brand on social media, then give a link to that social media on your email so that the customer can see for themselves what the user has written for your brand.

6. Use Responsive Image and Video

Pictures and videos are a means by which you can build a good reputation in the mind and eyes of the customer. So whenever giving a video or image in an email, it should be responsive.

7. Brand Story Telling

Brand storytelling is one such way where you can give a new identity to your business through art where you can develop a positive relationship with the people and give an emotional response along with an inspirational message..

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