Part of any successful B2B email marketing strategy involves the integration of email marketing. Strategically crafted emails can achieve optimal standard results in the areas of lead generation, nurture, and turn current customers into repeat buyers. Below are seven quality practices that reduce common hassles and ensure that each e-mail will not only receive the focused recipient but also force the reader to open it.

B2B Email Marketing

Understand the objective

Many people send emails without first understanding the reason for the email. Before drafting a marketing campaign, keep the objective in mind. Is it for sending an email e-newsletter for informational purposes only? Is it for lead generation or to share information to solve customer troubles? It all starts with understanding the purpose.

Consider the ‘from’ name

If a recipient will delete the email, that name is displayed in the determ field. Do not forget to match this field to something familiar to the recipient – such as the symbol the consumer knows and trusts. Being trusted by name promotes a better open rate from customers.

Strong subject line

If the recipient will delete an email, then just the designated name. If the recipient opens the e-mail, the subject line will be determined. Attempt to use words related to the reason for the email. If the email is for a product offering, take advantage of the word speed to stimulate a sense of urgency.


Due to various email clients, email host providers, and other factors, it is mandatory to check email before approval. This includes checking for items that include: electronic mail clients, email templates, spam detection policies, formatting for mobile email recipients between different elements

Proper timing

To ensure the most efficient results, research a selected date and time to broadcast the email message. Many people consider sending an e-mail on Tuesday because Friday is the worst day to send B2B e-mail messages. Many people also agree to send a holiday, such as Sunday helps to increase open rates.


To measure the fulfillment of an e-mail marketing campaign, use reliable statistics and B2B email marketing analytics. Having this data allows special forms of reporting for marketing campaign stakeholders. Contextual metrics help marketers to understand the successful and unsuccessful elements of the campaign and iterate effectively.

Learn and improve

Based on the metrics, keep in mind the areas that exhibit sub-optimal performance and focus efforts on improving them. If the selected area of the identified B2B email marketing campaign needs improvement, such as with subject lines, test along multiple problem lines and see who performs best.

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