Building a successful email marketing campaign appears easy. You just have to write the textual content, sprinkle in some photographs, locate your email listing, and hit send. In reality, a successful e-mail campaign requires a greater thorough approach to growth your conversions and develop your enterprise.

if you’ve failed to successfully interact your audience and you’re left thinking a way to make an email campaign successful, you’re not alone. however after you break down successful e-mail marketing campaigns into smaller portions, things get easier.

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whether you’re creating drip campaigns or an email newsletter, constant contact makes it easy to create beautiful emails (Email Marketing Campaign) that drive real business outcomes.

Let’s take a look on some tips to create an email marketing campaign that will help to generate more ROI:

The Header

In e-mail marketing, your header describes everything your audience sees before they open your email. The aim here is to entice your recipients to open the email and read your message. Here are a few tips on your email header:

From name

It’s easy to dismiss the sender of the email as nonessential. However, it absolutely performs a vital part in getting your reader’s interest and gaining their trust. Sending from a recognizable name, instead of an anonymous account, will increase your open and click-through rates.

subject Line

Your subject line ought to be personal, action-oriented, and honest. It also needs to be short; in fact, a study by return path observed that subject lines under 50 characters accelerated open rates by 12.5 percent and click-thru rates by 75 percent.


Most email customers permit users to look a quick preview of the e-mail similarly to the subject line. If you don’t specify this preheader text, the software will genuinely pull in the start of your email. Alternatively, customize it with six to eleven words that describe succinctly why your message is precious to the people you’re looking to reach.

The body

Once a person opens your email, you face the next challenge: convincing them that what you’re announcing is interesting and valuable enough to lead to action. Here are the tips to Design your emails for success with these body elements:

Employer logo

Upload your logo right at the top of your email and make it clickable, so it leads back on your website.


This is your chance to convince your target audience about the value of your message. Maintain your message focused and concise. Studies suggest that for maximum industries, emails with around 20 lines of textual content and 3 or fewer images receive the highest click-through rates.


The suitable spot for a call-to-action button is at the point while your target audience has examined sufficient to be intrigued but doesn’t yet want to scroll. Normally, placing it right after the intro paragraph results in click-through success.

The Footer

The end of your body content does not mean the end of your email. Your footer is vital, both for compliance and maximum impact. Here’s what it should include:

Social Media Links

Allow your audience to keep their engagement going and connect with your through other avenues. So include links to all your active social media channels at the end of your email.

Address and Contact Information

Always make it easy for your audience to respond to the email or contact you in a different way. Similarly, your email should always include your company’s physical address to comply with CAN-SPAM.

Unsubscribe Option

CAN-SPAM compliance requires that you offer your subscribers an easy way to opt out of future communication. An easily visible unsubscribe link accomplishes the trick.

If you want to reliably succeed in email marketing, make sure every campaign you send to subscribers and customers includes these elements. Make it easy on yourself by using a drag-and-drop email editor, which lets you create a professional, mobile-responsive email template in minutes.