Today, Email Marketing is a highly growing tool and almost every business is using it. It allows you to communicate with your clients and customers and it gives you the best response Rate and helps to generate more ROI. It is an Email Automation platform which performs the automated task whether you are available or not. So Business continuity is always there in your absence. Here are listed some Popular industries which depend on email marketingHealthcare Email Marketing

Email Marketing in Education Industry

Growing your customer relationships and manage to convert new prospects is always a tough job. Email marketing need occurs here. Especially, in the education sector when the admission season is at its peak, and with constant growing competition, it is important for you to tap all major marketing platforms to generate leads.

However today, 80% of students own a smartphone and 65% of students use their handsets to check emails. Generally, this age group is typically between 16-22 years of age. Parents too are concerned about their child’s admission. Teachers, advisers add up to your targeted mailing list, who take active participation in college admissions. Email Marketing provides solutions for education Industry to create and send newsletters, fundraising requests and event updates to targeted mailing lists.

Email Marketing in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is changing. Hoteliers used to manage room inventory. Today they manage customers. There used to be a focus on top-line revenue.

So now there’s a focus on profit. Costs are going up and hotels are giving up revenue to OTAs and the sharing economy. It has never been more important for hotels to drive direct revenue.

We saw a void in the market for a specialized and easy-to-use software platform that would enable hoteliers to do great marketing. Hence doing Email Marketing today means having guest data and being able to segment it in a way that allows marketers to send personalized communications at every step in the guest’s journey.

Healthcare Email Marketing

The new business opportunity for healthcare email marketing is real and better than ever. More than a few people have at least one smartphone in hand or close by constantly. Healthcare email marketing isn’t free, but comparatively, it is low cost. Your target audience is solidly digitally connected and individually addressable and email marketing for healthcare is a top-of-the-list option.

Email Marketing for Financial Industry

For businesses working in the finance world, Email Marketing has become a go-to marketing tool.  So with the right strategies in place, the financial sector can use email to attract and maintain a solid customer base. There are some ways by using which you can grow your business: –

Promote new services

When your company offers something new, tell customers about it via email. From a new investment option to new services, like offering paperless statements, keep customers in the loop with emails that focus on new things.

Account updates

Give customers an easy way to check on their accounts. Send an account update that provides specific information like account balances or spending overviews.

Retain customers with incentives

Keep your loyal customers happy by offering incentives that are specific to their needs. In addition, segment your list and send incentives to customers you want to retain.

As the Marketing needs increasing, businesses are searching for Email sending tools or Email Service Provider. There are many Email Service Provider, provides Email Delivery Service. So Transactional SMTP Service for sending Bulk Emails will give the best Solution to small and large enterprises. Email Service Provider provides an SMTP Solution and allows you to send mail in groups.