What is Email Marketing & Careers in Email Marketing

Email marketing is the promotion of products or businesses through the use of emails. These emails are produced to spur sales or transactions, foster customer relations or enhance brand awareness.

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to get customers directly via email. Not like spam, direct email marketing reaches people interested in expertise in your business area. Information is sent out like a laser-guided missile in comparison to the bomb

What is Email Marketing, Careers in Email Marketing, Mailjet, email marketing careers, Careers
It does not matter what you are promoting, it is a way to reach thousands of potential customers directly at a relatively low cost compared to marketing or other types of media exposure. It conveys the message of your business directly to those people through graphics, text and attractive links, who have never heard of your business or have not considered your products, however, in the area of expertise of your business Informed and interested. Once you understand what is email marketing? – you can start implementing those practices to get more customers.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing provides an easy way to track how effective it is. It is easy to find out if this method works for your company, through massive monitoring of how much hits your website gets after a massive mailing. This is a great way to guide existing customers to your business.
  2. Many business visitors only provide an “unsubscribe” option, a good way to focus on potential customers. In addition, your company can opt for a response mechanism where potential customers can tell you directly what they like and what they dislike about a selected advertising marketing campaign.
  3. Email marketing is a popular way of reaching out to customers. According to the Direct Marketing Association, research companies have spent more than $ 400 million on direct email marketing in 20018.
  4. Email marketing can be more than just text content, offer rich media format pictures and can give your service or product texture and taste. In email marketing, you get the full attention of the prospective customer.
  5. Pop-up advertisements or other net advertising and marketing are often found in what the potential customer is looking for: content. But with direct email marketing, advertising content is.

Other Ways

The Internet is the most popular way of collecting data about services and products for people in which they are interested or not. Maximizing the potential of your business in Internet searches through press release delivery and email marketing is an effective tool to reach your current customer and potential. Customers with important information about your products or services It is a technology used by businesses internationally and can help your company develop and establish a presence on the web.

What is Email Marketing, Careers in Email Marketing, Mailjet, email marketing careers, Careers
Categories of Email Marketing

  • Email Newsletters:- Email newsletters are an effective way to keep your customer’s informed about your company’s products and services. Email newsletters can be in the form of a press release or may include graphics and data about buying a product in it. Some email newsletters provide a coupon to entice customers so they can come back or take advantage of a special offer. This can be a normal way for your business to be in touch with customers.
  • Email Surveys:- An email survey is a content that is sent to your customers or potential customers for their feedback. This is an excellent way to test a new product, service or concept. This is a great way to show the customer, which you care about their opinions and are willing to work with them.
  • Transactional email:- A recipient can purchase or transaction directly with the company through email. Generally, due to ease of use, they have higher conversion rates than just promotional ads.

Advantages Of Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a general business practice due to its many benefits:-

1. Return on investments

The Direct Marketing Association reports that there is a $ 40.56 withdrawal for every dollar spent on email marketing. This huge cost-effectiveness is the main reason that most businesses engage in some form of email marketing.

2. Large customer feedback

Potential customers are more likely to respond to email compared to almost any other marketing channel. According to Datran Media, 39.4% of industry executives call email the most effective form of marketing.

3. Immediate delivery

Emails can be sent to customers almost instantly. This is extremely important in situations where time is premium, such as limited time offers and reputable repair.

4. Quick conversion

The time window for conversion on email is so narrow that the email marketing strategy can be implemented and it can be analyzed in a very short time. This allows the well-arranged ammunition of a marketing strategy. What is Email Marketing & Mailjet Careers in Email Marketing

5. The division

The ability to specifically segment or differentiate the target audience allows for much more personalized and effective emails.

6. Reapprofit other marketing professionals

Social media and other marketing strategies are more effective when connecting with email. The email helps to solidify those relationships that start other marketing campaigns.

7. Data-driven

Emails are heavily dependent on market research, which is enhanced with every email pulse. This makes continuous data acquisition and redemption emails very successful.

Email marketing remains one of the most heavily polished forms of marketing. In my early days, emails could be sent to almost anyone on the Internet. It was later closed by the law to restrict email services by sending the email without permission by the recipient. These anti-spam laws have been supplemented by the tasks of Internet service providers and email operators, which restrict or limit the emailers who abuse the system. What is Email Marketing & Mailjet Careers in Email Marketing 

What is Email Marketing, Careers in Email Marketing, Mailjet, email marketing careers, Careers
Email Marketing Strategies

In response to these restrictions, email marketers have developed highly sophisticated strategies that improve conversion rates.

  • Deliverability:- Email marketers need to format the subject line and content to prevent spam filters What is Email Marketing & Mailjet Careers in Email Marketing
  • List building:- Receiving names and email addresses of receptive subscribers is a major activity of email marketers. They should seek consumer interest through social media, SEO and other marketing strategies.
  • Behavioral targeting:- Use of coupons, promotional offers, and other functions can withstand consumer’s indifference and re-engage customers. Effective analysis of consumer behavior can help target peak points of consumer activity, like some holidays or national events.

The email marketing industry continues to face challenges, making it one of the most competitive channels in marketing. Although there is widespread use of email for promoting sales and developing customer relationships, very few businesses or marketing firms can claim that their email marketing strategy is optimal. For a continuous infusion of more sophisticated marketing methods, email marketers require dedication to strong analytical skills and ongoing education.

Careers in Email Marketing

The skills required to work successfully as an email marketing professional are usually acquired through a strong academic background. Most email marketers have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, graphic design, business administration, or information technology. Potential email marketers should have a stronghold in data analysis, market research techniques, computer technology, and spreadsheet management. What is Email Marketing & Mailjet Careers in Email Marketing

Professionals searching for management positions in email marketing are strongly encouraged to receive a number of managerial positions and for many or advanced degrees due to intense competition for them. What is Email Marketing & Mailjet Careers in Email Marketing

Email marketers seeking a job or profit for customers may wish to enroll in the certification program with an academic or private association. The University of San Francisco has a remarkable online email marketing program, such as many other online or campus colleges and universities.

What is Email Marketing, Careers in Email Marketing, Mailjet, email marketing careers, Careers
Email Marketing Certifications Association

There are several valid email marketing associations that can reward certification on successful completion of their courses. The most important certificates are presented:-

There are so many online organizations that provide diplomas or certificates for email marketing, but these certifications can have less than expected industry. Prior to enrollment, it is important to research any accredited body that the client and other marketing professionals should respect their training program. What is Email Marketing & Mailjet Careers in Email Marketing

An industry which requires email marketing

Email marketers are mainly found in the marketing industry, while some experts can be found in industries or businesses that are heavily dependent on email. According to MailChimp.com, the following industry has more dependency on email and reports open rates of 20% or more

  • E-commerce Business
  • Telecommunications
  • Social networks
  • Restaurant
  • Photo and Video
  • Insurance
  • Home and Garden
  • Health and Fitness
  • Construction
  • Creative Services
  • Agriculture and Food Services

According to BtoB Magazine, 70% of the companies in the 2011 poll said that they would invest in email marketing, while 63% said that there was an increased investment in this type of marketing. Importance of email is expected to grow in the coming years as it is combined with social media and mobile marketing. Most professionals in this area should expect a growing reliance on cross-channel synergy.

Email marketing remains a vibrant, developed area, which will depend more on dynamic emailing strategies that are emerging from market research and analysis. Email marketing will be a very competitive field with many entry-level positions, while only a select few individuals who display extraordinary creativity and predictive talent will receive the positions of authorization.

What is Email Marketing, Careers in Email Marketing, Mailjet, email marketing careers, Careers
Salary range in this field

Most email marketing specialists earn between $35,000 and $90,000. According to Zenedy, an email marketing specialist in New York City averaged an annual income of $87,000, while a similar position in Boulder, Co could expect to earn about $57,000. Entry level positions in email marketing could earn $35,000 and $40,000 a year. A survey by Glassdoor.com showed an email marketing specialist at Experian earned as much as $73,000 for 2011, while a similar position at eBay could earn up to $80,000.

Salary.com reported that email marketing managers can earn $ 45,000 to $ 70,000 annually, with an estimated average of $ 60,000 in 2010. Wages for this career can vary widely due to geographical location, academic background, work experience, and employment industry.


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