MailChimp templates can be easily edited from MailChimp using the drag and drop builder provided by MailChimp. The free template collection contains email designs for almost all common uses, but MailChimp also offers the option to upload custom HTML templates if you wish.

Mailchimp Templates
MailChimp is arguably the most popular email marketing service in the market today, due to the large part of the free trial for more than 2,000 subscribers. MailChimp offers lots of templates to make it easy to use and elegant email.

However, if your blog or email contains any affiliate ads, you can not use MailChimp because the terms of service do not allow affiliate marketing.

First We Know……

What is Templates?

Templates are regular emails that often include updates and news about your brand or your industry. This can be a powerful tool for bloggers to drive traffic on new blog posts, build ideas and usually keep their brand in mind. This is the basis of most email strategies

Mailchimp Templates Professionals

MailChimp is in the right place at the top due to the abundance of customer service and features. It has almost all the same features for GetResponse, including inbox previews, time travel, mobile apps and а lot some. They have is a better social integration……..

For Example

MailChimp has better Facebook integration like buttons in email and has the ability to easily add a web form to your Facebook page (you can do this with any email marketing service provider, but MailChimp makes it easy.)

Brick and mortar businesses are especially interested in Chimpadadu, which is an iPad app that will allow you to collect emails on trade shows, customer’s houses etc., there is not a convenient computer and/or Internet access anywhere.

MailChimp also enables you to send print postcards to your email list.

MailChimp Opposition:-

The only negative side of MailChimp is that their terms of use do not allow affiliate marketing. They said that they do not ban affiliate advertisements, but unless their TOS is updated to reflect that statement, we can not recommend MailChimp for such a blog whose website Or their email contains affiliate links. Keep in mind that your list is your lifeblood as an internet marketer, and you can risk it.


For small businesses, their “Forever Free” option is fantastic. Once you start growing (and hopefully the money is making!), Their payment plans are very cheap