many marketers forgo referral programs altogether, and those who have referral programs often struggle to get them off the ground. Whether you have a formal referral program in place or not, your business probably already has new customers coming in via word of mouth marketing. By exploring these opportunities, you’ll find yourself in a gold mine.

After all, when someone comes in as a referral, much of the hard work has already been done. Someone else, probably a happy customer, already provided you with credibility and a sense of trust, both of which are needed for creating a sale.

Here Are Some Marketing Strategies to Increase Business Referrals

Marketing Strategies, customer support, customers, customer, MarketingGo the extra mile for subscribers, prospects, and customers

Anytime someone interacts with your business, they should have a good experience. When you provide exceptional experiences, people take notice. When people take notice, they tend to talk. This talk causes referrals.

So, if you’re able to fulfill a client’s needs, that’s great. If you’re able to go above and beyond, that’s even better. By going above and beyond, you set yourself apart from all the noise that surrounds you.

Improve your customer support experience

Obviously, customer service plays a major role in every business. People like to be heard, and they like their problems to be solved. One of the best ways you can encourage referrals is to provide top-notch customer support.

Here are some easy ways to make sure your customer service is in tip-top shape:-

Marketing Strategies, customer support, customers, customer, MarketingBe responsive

Make sure you’re staying on top of things. Don’t let customers comments and questions go unanswered for too long. Stay aware of what’s coming in, and what’s going out in response. As long as you show a little flexibility and sympathy, customers will be more understanding when there are issues.

Be sincere 

The more sincere you are, the better chance you have to make a customer happy. The tone you use, and the way you act towards a customer, can either make or break their experience. If you’re too pushy, you may come off as being insincere. Find the balance, be respectful, and be helpful.

Be consistent 

Create repeatable processes so that all customers are getting equal attention. Set some standards for customer interactions. Make sure you have customer ticketing software in place that helps make things easier.

Build relationships, as people refer people

Undoubtedly, people refer people and not necessarily the business. That’s why it’s essential to build relationships with your customers.

This is especially important if you’re dealing with customers on a one-on-one basis. You need to make sure you’re doing a good job of listening to the customer and making them feel comfortable.

Personalize your interactions as much as you can

The more you can personalize the experience for the customer, the happier they’ll be. Whether that’s remembering information about them, reminding them of something important, or sending them a well-timed promotion, personalization shows customers that you care.

Don’t be afraid to Ask

Even though referrals often happen naturally, it can be difficult to get people to think about you after they leave. That’s why you should always ask for a referral.

In general, customers are usually happiest post-purchase, so this is a good time to ask for referrals. For example, an e-commerce store typically asks for referrals their thank you or receipt pages. This process can be automated, making it easy for you.


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