Today we will talk in this blog “how to increase brand awareness“. In today’s era, everyone wants to do their business, but everyone is struggling with the problem of how to make our brand bigger, how to make everyone aware of our brand. I will share 5 ways with you all which is helpful to increase your brand awareness.

How to Increase Brand Awareness

5 Ways of How to Increase Brand Awareness?

1. Brand Partnership

So the first thing you can do to increase Brand Awareness is you can partner with other brands. Now, the brands partner up and create a partnership all the time. Some examples of this are Red Bull and GoPro, or Apple and Mastercard, or Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma, or Spotify and Starbucks, these are all Brand Partnerships. When you are starting out, it is really beneficial to establish partnerships with other brands because what you are doing is to show up with that brand and give them some value.

So make sure that you’re engaging with brands that have similar purposes and similar values and similar lifestyle aspirations. You want to co-publish with them. So you can co-publish blog posts or articles, you can do video interviews, podcast interviews, or you can share or show up in the same place and give value to their audience. By developing these partnerships, it can really build your brand and your brand awareness much faster.

2. Guest Posting

The second way to increase brand awareness is by Guest Posting. Now, you can’t jump right in and write for Huffington Post right away. You’re gonna have to probably start small and build credibility over time and write for a larger and larger publication. You want to research for brands that have similar audiences and similar targets and pitch them with content.

You really wanna do your research well because if you do you’re gonna have better results according to your efforts on your pitches.

3. Leverage Social Media

The third way to increase Brand Awareness is to Leverage Social Media. So people won’t to share your content unless you ask them but you want to make sure that you’re developing shareable content, so things like graphics, infographics, or quotes. Make sure that you’re focusing on trending topics in your industry and use shortened links so it’s really easy for people to share.

Also share other people’s content so they’ll share yours, they will return that favor and then your content getting exposed again to their audience and that’s building the level of brand awareness and exposure.

4. Use Infographics

So the fourth way to increase brand awareness is Use infographics. Everyone loves Infographics, 90% of the information that’s transmitted to the human brain is transmitted visually. And also, we process images 60,000 times faster than we process text, so using a captioned images is a great way to communicate information very quickly. You wanna visualization the information that you know and there are some great services for creating infographics things such as Visme, Venngage, Canva, Picktochart, and many more. They have great services that make it really easy for you to develop infographics. When you do it, you wanna promote the type of work that you do, the kind of innovative ideas, or the kind of resources and data that would be helpful to your customer targets or to your avatar.

5. Publish Content

The fifth way to increase brand awareness is by Publishing Content. Publishing Content is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. It’s shareable, it’s evergreen, so it’s last forever. It increases your credibility, it establishes you as a thought leader. You can repurpose your content across a bunch of different platforms, so if you write an article you can turn it into a podcast or you make a video also turn it into an article.

You can promote your industry expertise, you can champion innovations, or you can share resources. You can give all sorts of value to your audience and it makes you better and it’s gonna increase your brand awareness.


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