In Email Marketing, timing is everything – right? Well, it may not be everything, but it certainly matters, especially when it comes to getting subscribers to notice and open your emails. So when is the best time to send emails? We will discuss the best timing of sending newsletter emails.

Daytime vs. Nighttime

While this one may be obvious, it’s usually better to send out your email campaigns during the daytime. You know, when people are awake. Not asleep.

Mad Mondays

The general consensus is that you should avoid sending out email blasts (Email Marketing) on Mondays. Why? People are already bummed out about the end of the weekend. They march into the office and flooded with emails they’ve collected over the past few days. What’s the first thing they do? Delete those emails of course!


Historically, weekends are the days when folks are out running errands and going on adventures. Weekends tend to have low open rates, so most marketers avoid them like the plague.

Give Heads Up for An Event

While 23% of emails are opened within 60 minutes after being sent, there are some lingerers who may not check out your email until a day or two later. To be safe, send out event-oriented emails 3-5 days prior to an event.

Fan Favorites: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday have traditionally been favorite days to send email campaigns, as email marketers seek to avoid the Monday angst and Friday’s itchy-feet. Mailcot confirms that Tuesday and Thursday are the two most popular days to send email newsletters.

Mid-Week, Mid-day

The tried-and-true traditional approach of sending out email campaigns (Email Marketing) in the middle of the week and in the middle of the day tends to do pretty well. General know-how suggests sending emails between 1-3pm (9-11am is recommended as well). It’s safe, reliable and not a bad choice. Just remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Mailcot suggests 2 pm as the optimal send time based on their data.

The tips above considered general best practice advice for email marketing. However, there are many situations which quickly challenge the classical suggestions above.

Best Time to Send Emails

Most email marketing articles would claim that 8 am is too early to send an email newsletter (Email Marketing), but it works great – we get over 25% open rates with this time!

Worst Time to Send Emails

Many would claim that Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (Email Marketing) should be great times to send emails, but we’ve found that Tuesday mornings result in under 5% open rates, while Wednesday mornings have below 5% click to open ratios.