If anyone writing a blog and doing its promotion typically process looks something like this: blogger writes and publishes a blog on the company website, posts are shared on social media, and if there is space, then a ceratin post is featured in newsletters. Afterward, Blogger waits for Google to index, and he hopes for a favorable position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). And often you are short with this strategy. But taking a proactive and more strategic approach by marketing your blog with an email marketing.

By promoting a Blog with email helps to increase page views, improve your organic search results, and enhance reader engagement. The following post covers the steps required for creating and sending out a blog digest. So that you can promote your blog and build a blog digest into your content marketing and email program.

 Step 1: Choose a Tool

First of all, you need to decide what tool you will use to send a blog digest. There are such tools available in the market but you can also use Mailcot Email Marketing Tool for Email Marketing campaign. You can custom build a weekly email that provides a more visually appealing email that reinforces our brand. 

 Step 2: Decide on a sending cadence (and test it)

After you’ve decided how you email your blog with an Email Marketing campaign, determine how often you send the blog digest emails. Some options include:

  •  After each new blog is published – not recommended if you post more than a couple of times a week, in order to avoid email overload.
  • Weekly – for example, every Thursday at 10 am IST. This option is great if you publish more than once a week.
  • Monthly/bi-monthly – this would be a good option for content programs that publish one or fewer blogs each week.

Once you develop a cadence and build muscle memory with your blog digest emails, the process will start to feel like second nature.

 Step 3: Create a curated content experience for your blog audience

Now it’s your time to craft content. This should include a personalized subject line, preheader text, body copy, headline, and CTA copy.

Depending on your marketing program your email marketing list and blog subscribers list may consist of different audiences. Just keep in mind that if somebody sig-up for your blog digest, they are most interested in education content over promotions.

Blog subscribers are certainly a lead, but they may be a lot further off from converting that somebody who has requested to talk to your sales team. So your blog have that distinction. Some tips to keep in mind while writing your email copy for your blog digest:

  • Be conversational – the blog subscriber list is your community and those you value your content, so keep it conversational to keep them engaged.
  • Make your content short – quality always wins out over lots of copy. Here you don’t need to present every last detail in your emails. Save some content for your landing page (or wherever your CTA is directing them to).
  • Make sure you have solid editing and testing emails in place!

 Step 4: Measure Engagement

Once you start sending an email for your Blog with an Email Marketing campaign,  you can start tally your engagement metrics such as open and clicks and make appropriate changes based on how your recipients respond to your content.

And when you get comfortable with tracking baseline metrics, you can start to look at additional metrics such as click to open rates. This engagement metrics allows an additional validation of our content.