Transactional Email Service- If you are sending a personal email through an email app, it is possible that your email recipient’s email service has access to the SMTP service via the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service of your email Gmail or another email service Can. Even if you email hundreds of people with an email newsletter app, you send the message and the message is delivered silently. It just works, and so most of us ignore it.

Transactional Email Service

What is a Transactional Email?

Sending emails is also not a difficult task between them. Your standard Gmail account will allow you to send 500 emails per day, while those hosted by Exchange accounts allow you to send 30 messages per minute. An email newsletter tool or drip email app is the next post sending thousands of marketing emails a week. This is when you need to send thousands or millions of emails a day, which is another solution for you.

You have your own app and you want to send email through it, so maybe you prefer to host all your business content yourself, or you’ll be able to do the same with your email that a standard email app will give you. Or perhaps you have hit the top project of your email newsletter. Then you should also consider a transactional email sending service.

Here are the three best reasons why you should outsource your email and use a transactional email service:

01# Send more messages, faster

The first reason for Gmail’s 500 emails per day limit could be that you should find another way to send email. Because you can face the same limitations with your own email server. And many shared hosting services will fix how many emails you can send per day. Then you will soon face the same problem as your Gmail or Exchange has.

Sending thousands of emails at a time to your own private server can also be a challenge, a technique that is not ready for you or can cause further trouble. This is why you send transactional emails to the logo services of all companies on the site and it is simpler and often more efficient to use a service that focuses solely on sending email.

If you are running your own email infrastructure, then doubling or tripling the standard number of your emails may mean that you need a new server or critical developer on time. On the other hand, with the email sending service, it will make some changes to your integration.

You may need to send 7 emails or 7 million emails a month but either way, the email service will be ready for your load with no work on your end.

02# Ensure Your Messages Get Delivered

Even if you can run your own new server, and you mainly have the necessary messaging framework, you have another right with sending your own email server: delivery. You may technically be able to send emails on your own, but the chances of email appearing in your recipient’s inbox are slim to zero.

Most email apps strictly scan email to eliminate spam, and one of the things they use to send spam messages is the IP address used to send the email. They check both the IP addresses known to send spam, as well as the commonly identified IP addresses. If you are sending email from a shared server, chances are your IP address is already on those blocked lists.

If you have your own IP address, your mail may be marked as spam even if not on a whitelist. If your site is not associated with a reputable or identifiable IP address and domain name, most email providers will mark it as spam. Also an SPF or DMIK record is required, an email verification tool that can be difficult to implement on its own but is included with most email sending services.

You can check your server first to see if your emails are marked as spam. But your test emails can only come through the problems you see after sending thousands of emails. For everything in between, an email sending service makes the most sense.

03# Do More With Your Emails

Add delivery to the hassle of running another service – one you’re inexperienced with managing – and email-sending services look better. But there is also another reason to take them: the extra features they provide.

Some transactional email services, such as Amazon SES, are bare and focus only on sending email – and the price accordingly. But most others include advanced statistics, notifications, filtering and more that let you do more work with your email. With a little coding, or just a few clicks in the statistics dashboard, you can achieve amazing things.

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