A few years ago, SMS marketing became the thrilling word. But with increasing TRAI rules and interconnect costs, it lost the steam. Then, email marketing automation has become the new kid on the block. After accomplishing big success came social media marketing with claims that “email is useless” that’s clearly not the case. however social media has taken off a lot of investments from marketers often to collect new customers. Now there is a lot of buzz around “marketing automation” and technology taking jobs of people. So need to marketers be concerned??

Fortunately, marketing automation isn’t a brand new channel or a medium, however, it is a platform to assist marketers better orchestrate and optimize their move-channel marketing.

So how have to you identify if it is the right time for you to invest and/or evaluate marketing automation solutions (MAS)?

Here’s a 5-point checklist you need to remember to determine whether or not your brand or your company is prepared for marketing automation:

You have at least one owned digital property

This is the primary requirement. if you have at least one digital assets which owned via you, you’re eligible to use Marketing automation and then can further filter out using the points below.

The instance of an owned digital assets is your internet site or your mobile app. Having your brand’s FB web page is not an owned assets. Having your commercial enterprise listed on Amazon or Flipkart is once more not an instance of an owned assets. With an owned assets, we suggest you want to own the domain in case of website, and SDK in case of a mobile app.

So, in case you don’t have at least one owned virtual property, marketing automation isn’t always for you.

You have a huge subscriber base.

So now you have got at least one digital assets owned via your brand, then what next? let’s communicate about the subscriber size. If you have a subscriber base which counted on fingers, you want not fear about marketing automation as that easily managed manually and with excel sheets. But if you have a huge subscriber base (in thousands or more) with every consumer having his/her own digital journey via your owned properties, you certainly want to invest in automation.

Marketing automation can help you reduce the manual efforts of your group via building workflows mapped to the customer’s journey and also will assist eliminate mistakes.

Your brand has longer sales cycle or if you are offering multiple products/services

If your sales cycle is longer (apart from impulse purchases) or you’re providing multiple Services/Products, you actually require investing in marketing automation.
Marketing automation allows lead nurturing and scoring, and therefore sending relevant communications/offers to move the consumer closer to the purchase or to up-sell/cross-sell gradually giving a boost to your client lifetime price.

You are using multiple channels for marketing automation

If you are using a single channel of the communique, primary automation inside channel will assist you to some extent. However, when you are the use of multiple channels, you definitely need to invest in marketing automation to maintain consistency and continuity in conversation throughout all channels, via having a unified view of every client.

You are buying and spending on multiple digital media

If you are spending closely on social media, you have to invest in marketing automation. Because it allows optimizing your spend and bidding across all the paid mediums. With unified view and records about the purchaser and his reaction across channels, you can get better ROI in your digital advertisements via maximizing spends for individual clients throughout all the paid mediums which is really not possible to do I manually.

Wish this checklist serves as an excellent primer and facilitates you decide whether or not you have to invest in marketing automation.

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