As an independent bank, your key marketing goals are to make sure you are there at the moment when your customers need you (Email Newsletter); for personal and business loans, mortgages, savings, checking plans, and so much more. Bank marketing managers know that staying engaged with customers is critical to meeting those goals.

You need a branded email newsletter that is:

  • professionally written
  • passes regulatory and compliance standards
  • delivers consistently each month
  • easy to manage
  • and valued by your customers.

Loyalty Driver for Banking

Loyalty Driver for Banking is the email marketing service for independent regional and community banks. Offering fresh, informative content addressing financial topics relevant to your small business clients as well as your retail customers, Loyalty Driver is a turnkey newsletter service designed to save you time and keep your bank top-of-mind for financial services.

A Solution for Corporate and the Local Branch

A consistent brand image is important. But your local branches need a sense of individuality and a connection to their local communities and customer base. Striking the right balance of consistency and individuality is Mailcot specialty. Mailcot creates a branded email newsletter template that adheres to your bank’s corporate branding and messaging specifications but is flexible. So local branches can add their own content, such as local promotions, hours and even special events.

Accelerate Sales with Content-Driven Newsletters

Build relationships with your customers and increase your marketing productivity with the power of exclusive content, social networks, online access, and control, as well as audio and video – capabilities not found in most newsletter services.

Your customers can easily share newsletter content to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin driving the viral spread of articles and promotions with the click of a button.

Measured Results Delivered Automatically

Backed by a full suite of tracking and analytics, Mailcot gives you complete insight into which email newsletter articles, promotions, and products are most popular and most impactful with your audience.

Easy to read and understand; Mailcot analytics also highlight those customers that responded to articles and promotions. Making it fast and easy to identify hot leads and interested prospects.

Client Services Included

An expert is ready to help you along the way. Our account managers speak your language and deliver results. We understand the banking industry and we will continually help you optimize your program for long-term success.