Each Email Service Provider has something different to offer. To be a successful organization, you want something that offers the maximum service for what you pay. You may have to pay only a little extra for the more superior services, however, this decision is based on your business’s budget, priorities, and strategy. Here are a few things to consider whilst looking at an ESP to use.


Email Marketing

IP address: private or Shared?

IP addresses are like phone numbers, It is the indication of the email’s beginning (Email Marketing). Ask yourself if it’s far worth it to be sharing an IP address with every other employer. It would be like sharing a cell phone number with someone else, and this is probably something you do not want to have. After all, if one organization sends out emails that get too many spam complaints, the ESP will be blacklisted and you will have to share the repercussions of another company’s mistake. Ensure that your ESP can offer you with a private IP address.

Customer support/training 

The people that run the email marketing software are going to have to examine how to use the software. Since each piece of email marketing software is distinctive, there’s no guarantee that your employees will know from the start how to run the software program. Make sure to sign up with an Email Service Provider that provides support and training in your organization.

Robust Infrastructure

You should have an Email Service Provider that has fast Internet connections through multiple sources as well. You should also sign up with an ESP that has hardware redundancy, a term for engineering that ensures a fail-safe or backup. The reason you should have an ESP with hardware redundancy is that some ESPs have click-tracking tools that let the user’s click go to the ESP first and get redirected to your website.

Good Reporting

Some ESPs offer reports that show how successful your emails are, such as deliverability success, click-through rates, and open-rates. The reports should also be user-friendly.

SPAM Compliance

This is a good indication that the Email Service Provider you are potentially considering is responsible and wants to ensure that does not get blacklisted. Be sure to choose one that requires your organization to comply with the law and makes it easy to do so.

Email Service Provider that give Free Trial

many Email Service Providers offers a free trial to test drive the software and service. So you should try that free trials of ESPs
first before deciding on investing in an ESP.

Pricing Plans

Finally, your ESP should offer a reasonable price for the service that they offer. Don’t be afraid to shop around and get recommendations on which  Email Service Provider to use. Some offer a pricing plan that is on a monthly basis and determined by the maximum amount of emails you could potentially send. Others require a monthly payment based on the number of email addresses on your built up list. Be sure to sign up with an ESP that fits your budget as well as your organization’s needs.