Components of a Transaction Email

A behavioral email (email marketing India), known as an operational email, is essentially a personal email, unique to a customer during an online transaction (registration, form-filling, purchase, etc.) Which starts with behavior. Here are some best practices to consider when developing your transactional email marketing campaign:

Transaction Email

    • Someone recognized it. To ‘address. Nobody likes to see emails from [email protected].
    • Use a subject line that clearly summarizes the purpose of the email. Avoid adding promotional language to the
    • subject line or your email may be marked as spam.
    • Write a copy acknowledging and thanking the customer for their activity and providing excellent customer service.
    • While the CAN-SPAM Act allows a transactional email to be used for propagation, the message of the email must be primarily transactional in nature.
    • Include a recognizable and clickable brand logo and include your brand colors to promote brand recognition.
    • Use links that serve a specific purpose.
    • Be friendly, informative and timely.

If you want to join the 40% of marketers who are sending transaction emails and seeing serious results. It is then necessary to send friendly, timely and informative emails. Here are six types of transaction emails that you can send to your customers based on their behavior:

01# Email Address Confirmation / Registration Email

If a buyer subscribes to your newsletter, fills out a form, or registers for an event or webinar on your website, send them an email (Email Marketing India) to confirm their action. It enhances the customer experience and sets the tone for building a trusting relationship. You can also use these emails as a double opt-in for customers to confirm your email address. Some businesses do this to confirm that customers enter a valid email address, which is a great way to keep your database clean.

Email address confirmation and registration email (Email Marketing India) is a great way to provide your customers with additional information such as your contact email, phone number, or social media profile, and it opens doors for them to connect with you. . in different ways.

02# Reset password

If your website has a portal for visitors to log in, make sure that when your customers request a password change, they receive timely, personal and clear instructions regarding the password reset process. In addition, with the prevalence of phishing activities, adding a link or email where they can report unauthorized password requests strengthens your credibility. This email from Treehouse gives clear instructions on how to password reset, an alternate link, and a contact email for any issues.

03# Order Confirmation Email and Purchase Receipts

After customers purchase or register for a conference, follow an email (Email Marketing India) that confirms their order and includes their shipping information and tracking link when applicable. Purchase dar are often eager to see confirmation of their order as it assures that their purchase was processed and will be notified when their order is received.

Take advantage of the high level of your customers by selling customer testimonials or related products, services, or events. In fact, Experian reports that transactions involving cross-selling items have a 20% higher transaction rate than without email. Asking for referrals within email (Email Marketing India). You can also use an order confirmation email to ask your customers for referrals. For example, Skillshare includes a referral code below their receipts to encourage their customers to refer.

04# Response Email (Email Marketing India)

There is always room for improvement. And one of the best ways to improve the customer experience is to understand how your buyers feel. Ask your customers for direct feedback based on the appropriate context. For example, when they travel through your website or visit their software subscription for 3-months. Since their response may be extensive, you may want to provide a CTA on the landing page to collect it.

05# Reaction email

Feedback emails have been sent to customers who have interacted with the brand before, but did not continue to engage. This may include consumers who abandon their shopping cart before making a purchase. Email Subscriber (Email Marketing India) who are not opening for your email, or existing customers, whose subscription is ending soon. Target your offers based on each customer’s behavior and life cycle.

Reaction email is a great way to keep your brand at bay. You can take a clear approach such as send a clear-cut email that goes to a point like Apple Music.

06# Website / App Extension Email

Increase engagement by completing segmentation between your various channels. By providing in-email functionality (Email Marketing India) that connects to your website or app, subscribers have the freedom to interact with you on their preferred device. For example, LinkedIn sends a CTA email when you receive a new LinkedIn invitation that is personal and prompts the user to confirm the invitation.

No matter what industry you are in, transaction emails can help you generate more revenue, build brand loyalty, and improve your email delivery. Are you ready to remove them from the trigger!

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