There are many people who unsubscribe from emails. It is very sad but it definitely happens. No matter how great you are doing email marketing, but it is very difficult to keep 100 percent subscribers. It is not necessary that whenever we send emails to our subscribers, they are interested in them.

According to research, the average rate of unsubscribers is .19% per email sent, this means that if we are sending emails to 100 people, 8–10 peoples unsubscribe from emails. If you have a list of 1000 people, then you will lose 5 to 10 every time you send an email.

It feels very bad when the number of unsubscribers rate starts growing while you have worked hard to get them.

In this article, we will discuss why people unsubscribe from emails. Discuss some major points which are related to why people unsubscribe from emails.

5 Major Reasons Why People Unsubscribe from Emails

#1 Send Too many emails

The biggest reason for deciding to unsubscribe is to send more emails. Sending large numbers of emails is like a slow poison where people get many emails in your day, they lose interest in your email and decide to unsubscribe to the email. The main reasons behind sending more emails are:

  • You forget to set the frequency of sending emails.
  • Sending more emails than you promised.
  • You understand that your customers want to hear more from you.
  • Marketing planning is not right, you are sending them every little thing email instead of design everything on one mail and send them.


According to research, send emails at least once a month. We know that when an organization sends emails within a 2-week gap they generate 2 times more leads as compared to those who send emails within 4-5 weeks.

unsubscribe from emails

#2 Emails looks like spam

Spam emails either

  • a) weed out through email spam filters.
  • b) And are not opened by readers because they seem to be doubtful.

Readers begin the manual filtering process by looking at the subject line itself where using a large number of exclamation marks and false promises.


Avoid spam and sales related words in the subject line such as “liability”, “credit”, “cheap” or “gimmick”. There should be a genuine subject line, which the reader should read the entire email as soon as they see it.

unsubscribe from emails

#3 Send Irrelevant Email

Sending the right email to the right person at the right time is called the company’s right goal. But when we send an irrelevant mail, the reader reads it and thinks that this email is not for me, this increases the possibility of unsubscribing the email.

Irrelevant Email Content list like

  • You are sending an email to an experienced chef “learn how to make cake from the beginning”
  • Repeatedly sending emails to the customer to fill out the form while he/she has already filled it.
  • Sending beauty tips emails while he has signed up to learn digital marketing.
  • Send a Blank mail.


Always send relevant and personalized emails to the customers. Balancing your content based on behavior, engagement, and demographics. For the purpose of which the subscriber subscribed to the email newsletter, send relevant email according to that.

#4 Readers doesn’t know when they subscribe

Neha gets an email of beauty tips from the beauty parlor, when she opens the mail, she thinks that I had never signed up for it, then she immediately unsubscribed. This happens mostly in 30% of women and 32% of men auto-subscribe an email newsletter, they didn’t know how and when they subscribe to it.


Always use the double-opt-in method in your email marketing, do not immediately start sending emails to those customers who newly sign up for an email newsletter, first send a verification email when customers verify it then start the further process. This double-opt-in method is not only the best but it can fly you under the spam radar.

#5 Too large or too little email content

Both the situation of too large or too little content leads to unsubscribe from an email newsletter. 2000 words long email and one-sentence email both are bad. Too large or too short is depend on email quality. If your email’s content quality is good, the reader reads whole email with full of dedication and starts trusted on you more and more.


If the content of your email is only five lines, then write it in this way to gain knowledge, information and content should be clear, concise. Always should focus on quality, if your emails are too large then write in a proper way where the reader enjoy reading from the first word to the last word.

unsubscribe from emails


Revise it, there are five reasons why people unsubscribe from emails:

  1. Send Too many emails
  2. Emails look like spam
  3. Send Irrelevant Emails
  4. Reader doesn’t know when they subscribe
  5. Too large or too little email content


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