By serving 2 billion consumers and servicing tens of millions of merchants worldwide Alibaba has emerged as a Global E-commerce player with its footprints in E-Commerce, Logistics, Payments, Marketing Services, Cloud computing, and meta-market businesses.

The Marketing strategy of Alibaba Includes:


Alibaba uses a mix of demographic, Psychographic and behavioral segmentation strategies to fulfill its mission and transforming its business to emerge as a technologically advanced company which will help customers, merchants and businesses to leverage the vast potential of the Internet.


Most of the companies present in the e-commerce or technologically driven business use differentiated targeting strategy and Alibaba is not an exception to this.


Positioning is where a product/ service stand in the mind of the consumer. Usage-based and pricing positioning strategies are used by Alibaba to augment revenue from a different line of businesses.

Advantages in the Marketing strategy of Alibaba –

The diversified line of businesses

Alibaba has the presence in the mega-markets such as being in e-commerce business they are in cloud computing, entertainment, payment gateway, mobile data etc. These are supporting the company in being way ahead of its competitors within house wholesome infrastructure.

Experience of world’s most competitive market

Operating in the country with 1.4 bn of a population is in itself poses a challenge. A challenge to satisfy a billion needs, demands, understanding their changing preferences and taste; all these have helped the company to emerge as the fastest growing company in the commerce market.

Brand equity in the Marketing strategy of Alibaba

Its strategic alliances in different companies and positive word of mouth have helped the company in increasing Top of mind awareness. Alibaba is way ahead of Amazon and Walmart in the list of valuable Retail brands.

Competitive analysis in the Marketing strategy of Alibaba

Alibaba’s diversified business portfolio is helping the company to be competitive while the e-commerce market is overcrowded with local, national and international players like Amazon, eBay etc.

Customer analysis in the Marketing strategy of Alibaba

Customers of Alibaba are new-age, tech-savvy, Gen Y and Z customers to whom their time, the convenience of buying and selling, maintaining their lifestyle is more important than it ever had.