Components of a powerful event welcome email campaign

Regardless of whether it’s a launch occasion, networking occasion or a gathering. Also, the effectiveness of your occasion is directly related to the number of participants you get through the door. And also, there’s no better approach to reach an audience and build participants than e-mail.

In this post, we’ll share with you the 3 key components of an effective event welcome email and show you some examples from our client email exhibition of occasion welcome email campaigns that got it right.

What is an occasion welcome email?

An event welcome email is a battle designed to increase attention of your event and encourage people to attend.

Here’s a great illustration from email campaign Monitor client Hidden Dinner.

As you can see, the event welcome email tells their subscribers about the upcoming event. And also, gives an invitation to take action to see the menu and reserve seats.

The 3 key components of a powerful occasion welcome email

In order to get the maximum amount of awareness and participants from your event welcome email, have a go at including these 3 distinct components in the battle.

Value Proposition

In any event welcome email, the quality suggestion ought to be a short statement that concisely explains why the beneficiary ought to go to the occasion.

As you can see, the email contains an unmistakable value proposition that reads ‘Whisk your family away to an enchanted world’.

A detailed description of the occasion

And now, you’ve caught your subscriber’s attention with the value of suggestion. it’s an opportunity to back it up with a detailed description of the event that outlines exactly what participants can hope to see and do at the event and what they will get from going to.

Social Proof

Even if your event is free, individuals are paying with their time and may have some common delay and anxiety towards attending.

This can be brought on by any number of things:

Worry that your event isn’t worth their time and/or cash,

Stress that your event isn’t relevant to them,

Doubt that your occasion will convey the quality you claim it will.

In conclusion

The event welcome email is one the most imperative email campaigns you can send to increase the visibility of your events.

So next time you are making one, ensure it has the 3 key elements:

  • An advantage centered quality proposition
  • Compelling event data that outlines what attendees can expect at the occasion
  • Components of social proof to reduce anxiety around the value of your event

By including these 3 components, you ensure that you get the best results possible from your event welcome campaign and drive large quantities of participants who will make your event a success.

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